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10 oktober 2017: vertraging in ontvangst AcademicTransfer e-mails. Heb je van je sollicitatie nog geen kopie ontvangen? Lees meer.

Heb je het al gezien? Op verzoek van onze bezoekers vind je nu extra informatie bij onze vacatures of een zoekopdracht. En je kunt de resultaten makkelijk filteren met het nieuwe menu aan de linkerkant. Benieuwd? Verken deze nieuwe features nu!

Fijne feestdagen!

22-2-2018: website vanmiddag 22 februari niet beschikbaar in verband met gepland onderhoud
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Vanmiddag vanaf 11:45 uur tot 12:15 uur CEST (UTC +1) is onderhoud voor deze website gepland.

De website kan gedurende deze periode niet beschikbaar zijn.

Wij adviseren u dringend rond en tijdens deze tijd niet te solliciteren op vacatures.

Onze excuses voor het ondervonden ongemak,
team AcademicTransfer.

About Codarts

"Codarts where talents become artists"


Codarts Rotterdam trains talented and driven dancers, musicians and circus performers to become dedicated and inspiring artists, leaders and facilitators, ready to spread their wings in a dynamic, international context.

Our mission is founded on six concepts that together make up Codarts’ vision:
Craftsmanship, Self-Management, Diversity, Inquisitiveness, Sustainability, Connectivity.


Codarts combines the oldest traditions and the latest trends in its professional arts education, which is based on international standards. Students immediately apply everything they learn in projects, performances and concerts.


Codarts regards students as self-conscious designers of their own future. From the very start they learn to both take and share responsibility. This means that everything is focused on developing their personal artistic identity to the greatest effect.


Codarts is firmly rooted in Rotterdam and has always been passing on the most divergent cultures, styles and disciplines to new generations of performing artists who indeed see the world as their operational field.


Codarts is a research-oriented community where ideas and questions are developed, exchanged and evaluated. This takes place in a constant collaboration between professors, teachers, students and external partners. At Codarts, doing follows naturally from thinking and the students are explicitly challenged to engage in both.


Codarts prepares students for a professional life that may last dozens of years. Therefore, students are coached intensively in developing and maintaining their health, resilience and flexibility.


Codarts is the link between talents and the international professional field. In the end, everything is about connections. Connections between artist and colleagues, between artist and audience, between artist and society. Obviously, the international professional field comes to Codarts to scout talent. Aside from that, Codarts is in close contact with numerous local, national and international organisations in order to make those talents be seen and heard outside its own walls as well.

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