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Ten PhD positions

8th Call for applications

International Max Planck Research School for Neural Circuits, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) for Neural Circuits was established in 2011 and offers up to ten fully-paid positions every year for talented students holding a relevant Master´s or Bachelor´s as their highest degree to perform research resulting in a PhD. The program is taught in English.

The common focus of the the International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) for Neural Circuits will be the understanding of neural circuits (from the simple to the large and complex), at all scales required to achieve this understanding. This ambitious objective will require analyses at the molecular, cellular, multi-cellular, network and behavioral levels, with the full understanding that macroscopic phenomena (spatial patterns, dynamics) can be scale-dependent, and that reductionism is not always sufficient as a method.

Research areas are perception, connectomics, theoretical neuroscience, synaptic plasticity, brain dynamics, neural circuits, behavior and systems neuroscience.

In the IMPRS for Neural Circuits we offer a multidisciplinary program to excellent doctoral students with backgrounds in neuroscience, mathematics, physics, computer science, (bio) chemistry, biology and medicine as well as research experience in the participating institutions of the Frankfurt Neuroscience community. Students will participate in a tailor-made educational program including research rotations and neuroscience courses but also in trainings in transferable skills as well as retreats, conferences and summer schools and lecture series.

We welcome excellent students to apply to the program. Till December 1, 2017, it will be possible to apply for a position starting in the Fall of 2018. You can apply via our electronic registration system. After the deadline, the Faculty members will select around 25 students to participate in the interview symposium in Frankfurt, taking place in February 5-7, 2018. Shortly after the symposium, the students will receive a letter with an offer or rejection.

More information, including Frequently Asked Questions, can be found on our website

Please watch our 2016 video to get an impression about the International Max Planck Research School for Neural Circuits and neuroscience in Frankfurt am Main.

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Max Planck Institute for Brain Research