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10 oktober 2017: vertraging in ontvangst AcademicTransfer e-mails. Heb je van je sollicitatie nog geen kopie ontvangen? Lees meer.

Heb je het al gezien? Op verzoek van onze bezoekers vind je nu extra informatie bij onze vacatures of een zoekopdracht. En je kunt de resultaten makkelijk filteren met het nieuwe menu aan de linkerkant. Benieuwd? Verken deze nieuwe features nu!

Fijne feestdagen!

22-2-2018: website vanmiddag 22 februari niet beschikbaar in verband met gepland onderhoud
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Vanmiddag vanaf 11:45 uur tot 12:15 uur CEST (UTC +1) is onderhoud voor deze website gepland.

De website kan gedurende deze periode niet beschikbaar zijn.

Wij adviseren u dringend rond en tijdens deze tijd niet te solliciteren op vacatures.

Onze excuses voor het ondervonden ongemak,
team AcademicTransfer.

About Océ

Océ is primarily known for its high quality print systems for drawing offices, printrooms and production environments such as printing works, but the company also generates increasing revenues from the sale of services, including document solutions and outsourcing. Océ is active in nearly all the big markets: from construction to graphics, from banking & insurance to utilities, and from government to the medical sector.

Océ is active in the entire value chain of printing systems: from development via manufacturing,

sales and service to the provision of business services and financing. In a number of countries and market segments where Océ itself does not have a sufficiently large presence, part of the product range is made available via specialized distributors. Through its own Research & Development (R&D) Océ develops its own basic technologies and the majority of its product concepts. The direct feedback of customer experiences serves here as an important source of inspiration for new products. In the Océ business model a major role is played by cooperation with partners in all sorts of fields. These partnerships cover such areas as R&D, manufacturing, OEM, distribution and financing.

Learn more about our activities! Go to our YouTube-page

About Océ and Canon: Stronger together

Canon and Océ have joined forces to create the global leader in the printing industry. For our customers this combines Canon and Océ technology with the support of the Océ direct sales and service organizations. Look to the new Canon-Océ combination for:

  • Enterprise printing in the office and corporate printroom
  • Large format printing of technical documentation, signage and display graphics
  • Production printing for marketing service bureaus and graphic arts
  • Business Services for document process outsourcing

Career Possibilities

We offer you a job in an innovative environment where we are working with the latest technologies to develop top of the line products. Within our R&D (800 professionals) you get the chance to develop yourself. Your personal growth can be in a technical direction (e.g. architect ore specialist) or managerial direction (e.g. team leader, project leader).

We are looking for candidates with a background in Informatics, Mechanical Engineering, and Physics. For our current job openings take a look at our website:

More Information

If you wish to receive more information about working at Océ you can contact the recruitment department by phone 077 359 6000 or by mail

Océ Skateboard

Longboard skateboards created on the Océ Arizona 550 GT and Océ ProCut.

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Océ Technologies