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10 oktober 2017: vertraging in ontvangst AcademicTransfer e-mails. Heb je van je sollicitatie nog geen kopie ontvangen? Lees meer.

Heb je het al gezien? Op verzoek van onze bezoekers vind je nu extra informatie bij onze vacatures of een zoekopdracht. En je kunt de resultaten makkelijk filteren met het nieuwe menu aan de linkerkant. Benieuwd? Verken deze nieuwe features nu!

Fijne feestdagen!

22-2-2018: website vanmiddag 22 februari niet beschikbaar in verband met gepland onderhoud
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Vanmiddag vanaf 11:45 uur tot 12:15 uur CEST (UTC +1) is onderhoud voor deze website gepland.

De website kan gedurende deze periode niet beschikbaar zijn.

Wij adviseren u dringend rond en tijdens deze tijd niet te solliciteren op vacatures.

Onze excuses voor het ondervonden ongemak,
team AcademicTransfer.

Over de Singapore University of Technology and Design

Over de Singapore University of Technology and Design


Technology and design always have been and always will be essential for society’s prosperity and well-being.

Embracing this tenet as a call to action, SUTD will be a leading research-intensive global university focused on technology and all elements of technology-based design.

It will educate technically-grounded leaders who are steeped in the fundamentals of mathematics, science, and technology; are creative and entrepreneurial; have broad perspectives informed by the humanities, arts and social sciences; and are engaged with the world.

It will embrace the best of the East and West and drive knowledge creation and innovation, as well as innovative curriculum and teaching approaches.

Its faculty, students and staff will have:

  1. far-reaching aspirations to create a better world by design
  2. the confidence and courage to try new ideas and approaches
  3. a questioning spirit fueled by the thrill of multi-disciplinary learning and doing
  4. and life-long competencies, especially the ability and appetite to learn and innovate.

By excelling in all these dimensions, SUTD will be viewed as the foremost university in the world for technology and design education and research.


The Singapore University of Technology and Design is established in collaboration with MIT to advance knowledge and nurture technically-grounded leaders and innovators to serve societal needs, with a focus on Design, through an integrated multi-disciplinary curriculum and multi-disciplinary research.

Core Values:

  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity

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Singapore University of Technology and Design