PhD Position in Hydrogen for Hubs for Circularity

PhD Position in Hydrogen for Hubs for Circularity

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26 Oct 14 Dec Enschede

Job description

Do you possess a solid foundation in thermodynamics, optimization, programming, and systems analysis? This position within our project offers an unmatched opportunity for you. You will be at the helm of developing, analyzing, and optimizing pivotal technologies that champion industrial synergies and emphasize circular economy tenets. Delving deep into research on energy conversion, waste recovery, and utilization, you'll be instrumental in deriving critical insights to predict system behavior and fine-tune circularity pathways. The successful applicant will join the Thermal and Fluid Engineering Department (TFE) at the Faculty of Engineering Technology, playing a crucial role in molding the future of sustainable energy solutions.


Despite the ongoing efforts of the European Union policies, heavily industrialized clusters are lagging in the implementation of Industrial Symbiosis (IS) to transit to more resource- and energy-efficient setups. To advance IS implementation, a promising future research direction is Hubs for Circularity (H4C). H4C provide spaces where diverse actors, such as businesses, governments, researchers, and civil society, collaborate to accelerate the net-zero Circular Economy (CE) transition. UT acquired the large-scale Horizon Europe project entitled "Sustainable Circular Economy Transition: from Industrial Symbiosis to Hubs for Circularity: IS2H4C”. IS2H4C will deliver a systemic approach to sustainable CE transition, helping to materialise Sustainable Development Goals.

Our focus? Resource efficiency, IS matchmaking, Life Cycle Assessment, renewable energy, waste prevention, and innovative circular technologies, through an integrated approach combing physical and digital H4C. Ensuring community and government support, sustainable business and financial models, and respect for our planet is paramount.

Our vision? Make IS2H4C the blueprint for Europe's sustainable future and promote H4C as a reference sustainable regional development model. We're starting in four H4C pilot sites across the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, and Türkiye, collaborating with 35 partners from nine European countries.

Join us! UT is hiring six PhD students for IS2H4C, each with unique roles and qualifications. Be part of an interdisciplinary team shaping the future of CE and IS2H4C while advancing your research.

Key takeaways

During the project, the PhD candidate will perform research on the following tasks:
  1. Identifying and classifying key technologies ensures seamless integration with hydrogen and other auxiliary technologies to enhance system-level synergies.
  2. Architecting large-scale, multi-vector energy systems predominantly powered by hydrogen while assessing the prospects of e-fuels and carbon capture integrations.
  3. Utilizing advanced simulation models for performance analysis and rigorous technical optimization of these integrated systems.

Industrial ecosystems and energy hubs have taken center stage in the global endeavor towards a sustainable and circular economy. With the rising emphasis on efficient, green energy alternatives, hydrogen has emerged as a formidable energy carrier and a vital material source in the framework of circular energy hubs. This Ph.D. vacancy seeks candidates well-versed in thermodynamics, optimization, and systems analysis to delve into hydrogen's multifaceted role while interfacing with complementary technologies like carbon capture, e-fuels—including methanol—and others that synchronize with H2 within these hubs.

The research sets out with a comprehensive goal to develop, analyze, and optimize hydrogen-centric technologies, emphasizing harnessing its dual potential as both an energy conduit and a material precursor.

A hallmark of this Ph.D. research is its commitment to producing diverse outputs tailored to different hub needs. By assessing the broad spectrum of products and energy solutions across various hubs, it aims to foster scalability and offer a blueprint for future expansion scenarios.

This research endeavor promises a granular understanding of hydrogen's capabilities in circular energy hubs. It equips stakeholders—from technology providers to policymakers and industry magnates — with robust data to make informed decisions regarding hydrogen and its synergy with other pivotal technologies. Embark with us on this pioneering journey to sculpt the future of sustainable and interconnected energy hubs.

The challenge

We are seeking a talented and motivated Ph.D. researcher to join our team in exploring the potential of hydrogen in circular energy hubs. As a researcher, you will have the opportunity to make a significant contribution to sustainable energy solutions by analyzing hydrogen technologies, developing decarbonization strategies, and conducting techno-economic and environmental impact analyses.

This is a unique opportunity to work on a cutting-edge research project with a talented team, access state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, and receive a competitive salary and benefits package.

If you are a talented and motivated individual looking to make a real difference in the world, then apply for this Ph.D. research position today and join our team. Together, we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create a sustainable future for generations to come.


University of Twente (UT)


We seek a motivated, dedicated, and forward-thinking individual to join our research team.
  • You are an exceptional Master's graduate in Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Systems Engineering, or a closely related field, with a distinct inclination for interdisciplinary research projects.
  • Your academic background includes a deep understanding of energy systems, waste recovery, and sustainability principles, aligning with the project's focus on contributing to the circular economy.
  • You have specialized knowledge and demonstrable experience in hydrogen technologies, including but not limited to hydrogen production, storage, transport, and its applications in multi-vector energy systems.
  • You harbor the ambition and talent to thrive in tackling complex technological challenges of a multidisciplinary nature, and you are keen on driving innovation in hydrogen technologies to optimize industrial synergies.
  • Proficiency in programming languages such as Python or MATLAB is required, along with strong skills in mathematical modeling and simulation. Experience with optimization techniques and techno-economic analysis is highly desirable.
  • Your analytical and problem-solving skills are complemented by an ability to communicate complex ideas clearly, both in writing and verbally.
  • Teamwork is key: You should be comfortable working in a multidisciplinary research environment, collaborating with academics, industry professionals, and technology providers from various sectors and academic fields
  • Effective communication skills and a structured approach to project management are essential for success in this role.
  • Proficiency in spoken and written English is mandatory, as the project will likely involve international collaboration.
  • You can do independent work but also value the insights from collaborative efforts, maintaining a balance that serves the project's objectives.

We encourage you to apply if you meet these criteria and are enthusiastic about contributing to a pioneering research project that aims to shape the future of sustainable and circular energy systems.

Conditions of employment

We encourage high responsibility and independence, while collaborating with colleagues, researchers, other university staff and partners. We follow the terms of employment by the Dutch Collective Labour Agreement for Universities (CAO). Our offer contains: a fulltime 4-year PhD position with a qualifier in the first year; excellent mentorship in a stimulating research environment with excellent facilities; and a personal development program within the Twente Graduate School. It also includes:
  • Gross monthly salary of € 2.770 in the first year, increasing each year up to € 3.539 in the fourth year;
  • Excellent benefits including a holiday allowance of 8% of the gross annual salary, an end-of-year bonus of 8.3%, and a solid pension scheme;
  • 29 holidays per year in case of full-time employment;
  • A training programme as part of the Twente Graduate School where you and your supervisors will determine a plan for a suitable education and supervision;
  • A green campus with free access to sports facilities and an international scientific community;
  • A family-friendly institution that offers parental leave (both paid and unpaid);
  • A full status as an employee at the UT, including pension, health care benefits and good secondary conditions are part of our collective labour agreement CAO-NU for Dutch universities.


At the TFE cluster, we don't just talk about a supportive and inclusive culture - we live it. Committed to championing equal opportunities, we judge potential not by the boxes you tick, but by the talents you bring. To make your journey with us more enriching, we’re adaptable in our approach: From flexible working hours to tailoring employment contracts that best fit your lifestyle, and even facilitating childcare arrangements. Dive deep into a collaborative space where Thermal and Fluid Engineering meets Industrial Engineering and Business Information Systems, fostering innovation at every step. Discover more about our groundbreaking research and diverse activities here: Join us, and be part of something exceptional.

Additional information

“Due to the urgency for an early start, we aim to fill in this position as soon as possible and we will start conducting interviews with short listed candidates starting from 23 November 2023; however, the application deadline is extended to 14 December 2023. Interested candidates can still apply until 14 December 2023.”

Are you interested to be part of our team? Please submit your application latest 14 December 2023 and include:
  • A cover letter of at most 1 page A4 explaining specific interests, the motivation for the application, and why you qualify for this position
  • Your updated CV, including contact information for at least two academic references
  • Copies of your academic transcripts from your Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees
  • Title and abstract of your Master’s project/thesis
  • Any additional supporting documents, such as publications or research experience

Please ensure that your application is submitted by the deadline. Do not make submissions via e-mail as they will not be considered.

If you have any questions about the Ph.D. vacation, please contact Canan Acar at with a cc to Devrim Yazan at

We look forward to receiving your application and welcoming you to our team.


  • PhD
  • Behaviour and society
  • 38—40 hours per week
  • €2770—€3539 per month
  • University graduate
  • 1496


University of Twente (UT)

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