PhD researcher on the project Research-Policy Dialogues on Migration and Diversity: infrastructures for knowledge production and utilization (1,0 fte)

PhD researcher on the project Research-Policy Dialogues on Migration and Diversity: infrastructures for knowledge production and utilization (1,0 fte)

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8 Dec 7 Jan Rotterdam

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Job description

Project and job description

This project focuses on research-policy dialogues on migration and (migration-related) diversity at the European level as well as in several selected countries and cities. This involves a.o. an in depth analysis of the development of the research field, in terms of substance (key knowledge claims) as well as in terms of structure (key actors, infrastructures, knowledge brokers, funding schemes, journals, etc.). There will be a focus on questions such as how dialogues correlate with broader political structures, welfare state regimes, generic science policies, etc. It also involves an in-depth analysis of dialogues and the utilization of knowledge on specific policy topics, such as labour market integration, integration governance, welfare state integration, and various others.

On a theoretical level, the project speaks to literatures on research-policy dialogues on migration and diversity specifically as well as the broader (policy sciences, sociology and political sciences) literatures on the relationship between research and policy (or knowledge and power). There is significant space for the candidate to co-develop the PhD project further in consultation with the project coordinators; Dr. Peter Scholten (project coordinator), Prof.dr. Menno Fenger and Prof.dr. Godfried Engbersen.

The position is at the Department of Public Administration and Sociology. The project is embedded in a broader H2020 project: CROSS-MIGRATION. This project is aimed at the development of systematic knowledge accumulation in the field of migration specifically. The PhD candidate will be able to develop research based on this project, to contribute to research in the project, and also to contribute to the management of this project.

•Carrying out internationally oriented, empirical research on Research-policy dialogues on migration and diversity, that is publishable in established international refereed  journals;
•Writing an article-based dissertation as part of the project
•Participating actively in the H2020 project Cross Migration, in DPAS, in EMDI and in the Erasmus Graduate School of Social Sciences and the Humanities (EGSH), as well as in  relevant international scientific associations and networks such as IMISCOE;
•Presenting research results at national and international conferences;
•Assisting in the organisation of workshops and other knowledge sharing activities;
•Contributing to financial acquisition activities;
•Teaching activities (0.1 fte) in the Department of Public Administration and Sociology, in particular in the master Governance of Migration & Diversity.


Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR)


We are looking for a highly motivated researcher with:
•A completed (or nearly completed) Master degree in public administration, political sciences, international studies, sociology, science & technology studies or a related program.
•A keen interest in the topics to be investigated, preferably demonstrated by previous work on similar topics;
•A keen interest in cross-disciplinary research and/or collaboration;
•A solid background in using a variety of research methods;
•Strong planning skills, ability to manage own and others’ work and related activities, ability to meet deadlines;
•Good research qualities and writing skills, demonstrated for example by the Master thesis and possibly other publications;
•Good skills in terms of management
•Good writing skills and fluency in written and spoken English;
•Good communicative skills, proactive and independent work attitude;
•A great curiosity and enthusiasm for scientific research!

Conditions of employment

Employment starts as soon as possible. The initial contract will run for a term of 1.5 years, which - depending on performance – will be extended with a second term of 2.5 years. The conditions of employment correspond with the “CAO Nederlandse Universiteiten” (CAO NU). The trial period is two months.
For the job of PhD Candidate (Promovendus) the salary starts at € 2.222,- gross per month on a 38 hour per week contract in the first year, which will increase annually up to a maximum of € 2.840,- gross per month on a 38 hour per week contract in the fourth year (Grade P).
The EUR has attractive employment conditions, which include holiday allowance of 8% of the yearly salary, an end-of-year payment of 8.3% of the yearly salary and 232 hours leave per year (based on a full-time appointment of 38 hours). In case of a working day of 8 hours, you will weekly save 2 hours extra for annual leave (totally 328 hours).

In addition, EUR takes part in the ABP pension scheme, and we also offer partially paid parental leave. Moreover, EUR staff members can make use of the facilities at the EUR campus, including the Erasmus Sports Centre and the University Library.
More information about working conditions a can be found at:
Substantial tax benefits apply to non-Dutch citizens, conditional on permission granted by the Dutch Tax Office. Applicants should have the right to work in the Netherlands for the duration of the contract.

Based on our internal career policy, internal candidates are given a prior position, relative to external candidates. Further is diversity one of our strategic priorities. Female candidates and/or candidates from an ethnic minority, candidates with an international background are encouraged to apply. Under the condition of equal quality and suitability, these candidates will have a priority position.
Substantial tax benefits apply to non-Dutch citizens, conditional on permission granted by the Dutch Tax Office. Applicants should have the right to work in the Netherlands for the duration of the contract.



Erasmus University Rotterdam is a modern, highly ranked, international research university, based in the dynamic and diverse city of Rotterdam. We were founded in 1913 and nowadays host 25.000 students. Our faculties and institutions work on global, national and local social challenges in the areas of: healthy development, wealth, governance, culture.

The quality of research at Erasmus University, named after Rotterdam-born humanist and theologian Erasmus, is reflected in its consistent top-100 position in most major universities rankings. On the lively, modern campus, students and scholars of more than 100 nationalities are constantly encouraged to develop their talents and meet their ambition.

Working at the Erasmus University Rotterdam means working in a professional environment, where development is encouraged through an active career and mobility policy. The Erasmus University Rotterdam highly appreciates flexibility: we have a 38-hour workweek, flexible working hours, possibilities to work part-time, and maternal/paternal leave. Moreover, the University has a company childcare scheme, possibilities to participate in a terms of employment option model, company savings program and life insurance schemes and favourable collective insurance schemes. Employees can also make use of facilities such as sports facilities and library.


Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences (ESSB)
The Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences is home to a vast diversity of scientific disciplines: public administration, pedagogical sciences, psychology and sociology. In addition, the Erasmus University College, IHS, and two research institutes RISBO and DRIFT are linked to the faculty. This also reflects in the content of the (international) bachelor's and master's programmes and in research.  Our activities are always focused on people and society. At the ESSB fundamental, internationally oriented research is of paramount importance. In addition, social research for professionals, policy makers, and the society is part of our research activities. ESSB offers a stimulating research environment where major national and international research grants are received. Appealing guest researchers and ambitious PhD candidates come along to conduct their research. Our education is small-scale and works with innovative forms of education such as Problem-Based Learning (PBL). Both the Dutch and English programmes are highly ranked by students and alumni. ESSB is home to over 2500 students and 300 staff-members.

Department of Public Administration and Sociology (DPAS)
The department benefits from a key position in the European public administration landscape through numerous editorial board positions and participation in several cross-national networks. Leading sociologist in the field of migration, political sociology and families are based in the department and participate actively in public debates and international research projects. Cooperation with third parties and conducting research with societal impact are key values of the department. The bachelor and master programmes reflect our diverse expertise and educate students to become active professionals.
DPAS also hosts the coordinating office of the IMISCOE Research Network on International Migration, Integration and Social Cohesion in Europe. This is Europe’s largest academic research network on migration and integration, with 39 member institutes and over 800 individual members from all over the world. In this context, DPAS has developed a long tradition of research on migration and diversity, both from a political science / policy science perspective as from a sociological perspective. DPAS is also one of the initiators of the recent development of an Erasmus Migration and Diversity Institute (EMDI) that further develops cooperation between migration scholars coming from very different departments of Erasmus University Rotterdam


  • Research, development, innovation
  • max. 40 hours per week
  • University graduate
  • 1712081


Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR)

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