Assistant Professor in Deep Learning

Assistant Professor in Deep Learning

Published Deadline Location
12 Jun 1 Sep 's-Hertogenbosch

Job description

To strengthen our Data Analytics team,we are looking for candidates with a strong commitment to excellence in scholarly research and teaching in Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. In particular, we seek enthusiastic new colleagues that are interested to combine deep theoretical knowledge with experimentation in domains including, but not restricted to, agro-food, crime and safety.


Teaching is expected to take place in graduate programme classes related to Applied Data Science and/or Machine Learning and one or more of the following areas of expertise:

  • Big Data;
  • Advanced Analytics;
  • Machine Learning;
  • Deep Learning;
  • Artificial Intelligence.

The successful applicants should have a strong academic background and an international profile in the aforementioned expertise areas with a record of research publications in top-ranked field journals (this requirement is obviously dependent on the level to which the candidate is applying). Moreover, relevant experience in obtaining funding and managing national and international research projects will be considered an advantage.
You will be working in our Data Analytics group responsible for the relevant education in our graduate programs with courses such as Advanced Data Mining, Big Data Analytics, Deep Learning, Advanced Network Analytics, Causality & Experimentation and Natural Language Processing. 


Tilburg University


We are looking for an enthusiastic colleague with a Ph.D. in computer science, AI, machine learning or related field, with a track record of publishing high quality research at conferences such as CVPR, ICCV, ECCV.
The applicant must have a demonstrated expertise in both practice and scholarship in artificial intelligence and machine learning, proven teaching ability. A strong industry network is a plus.
The successful candidate should have excellent analytical and programming skills and experience of computer vision and machine/deep learning. Prior experience of deep learning in either pyTorch or TensorFlow is essential. Applicants are expected to be proactive, to support other researchers and to be self-motivated.
Main responsibilities will be:

  • Teach graduate courses and leading co-curricular activities for graduate students
  • Mentor graduate students
  • Contribute to the disciplines of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer science though industry collaborations, public projects, and research
  • Ensure that the department's course offerings and priorities remain state-of-the-art and aligned with requirements, expectations, and applications, of industry
  • Support the growth of JADS through projects, workshops, community, and committee service

Conditions of employment

A position at the vibrant JADS Mariënburg campus for five years for 0.8 – 1 FTE as an assistant-professor, with a potential continuation as a tenured assistant/associate professor.
In particular, after two years the contract may be continued either as a tenure track position, or for at least three years as a regular assistant professor position. In case after two years the candidate continues in the tenure track, the position can become tenured after four/five years if the candidate satisfies the tenure requirements of JADS Mariënburg.
Note that the position comes with a very attractive job package that features benefits including pension subsidence, insurance discounts, career support spouses, ample vacation days (41), and a fixed end-of-year bonus (8,3%), to mention but a few.
The gross salary is largely determined by the Dutch labour agreement (CAO NU) for universities, namely scale 11 (a maximum annual gross salary of € 69,500) and  we aim to offer a competitive salary within this framework.

Fixed-term contract: 2 years with extension


JADS: Academic Interdisciplinary Institute on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

The Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS) is the unique and recent (since 2016) collaboration of two renowned research universities bringing together their top academics to further the interdisciplinary academic field of data science and AI. JADS is an institution that aims to build two bridges. The first bridge is the bridge between (digital) technology and the social sciences. The second bridge is the bridge between academia and society. JADS offers nine academic educational programs (Bachelor, Master, PD.ENG, PhD and Professional) and three research centers. At these centers we conduct groundbreaking research on data science and create concrete societal value. 

The new Mariënburg campus on Data Science is located in a historic and beautiful former convent in the heart of the medieval city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch and is within walking distance from the main train station. It is the place where academics with engineering and business/social science competences meet each other and participate in a wide-spread innovative ecosystem. The Mariënburg campus hosts lecture halls, academic labs, student apartments, data start-ups and corporate data labs. By mixing students, academics, and companies, all around the topic of data science, we aim to cross-fertilize, innovate, and transform data into value-adding insights and wisdom to advance society at large.


JADS Mariënburg: Creating solutions on the crossroads of Technology and Society

The JADS Mariënburg campus hosts four academic disciplines that follow the basic set-up of the Data Value Chain; i) Data Engineering, ii) Data Mining, iii) Data Decision Making, and iv) Digital Entrepreneurship. For these four research groups, we are looking for professors, associate-professors, assistant-professors, and tutors. We look for curious, open-minded researchers who want to excel in their field of research, but who are open to discussions with researchers from adjacent fields. T-shaped researchers who build credibility by aiming for the highest scientific contribution in their field but also engage actively with other disciplines to understand and appreciate their norms, theories, approaches and breakthroughs. Researchers who not only pursue top-publications, but who are also interested in creating open innovative digital services for the wider community. Researchers who are open to work with society and who really want to use science to make this world a nicer place, who want to contribute to effective novel and more digital forms of education and innovation. In short: we look for open, smart researchers who love to work at an interdisciplinary academic institute that mixes engineers, statisticians, and social scientists.

While we primarily have academics with data science (i.e. Statistics, Computer Science) and business (i.e. Entrepreneurship, Organizational Science) backgrounds, Mariënburg mixes these disciplines with academics who possess deep domain/industry knowledge (e.g. Agriculture, Smart Industry, Smart Cities, Sport, Crime, Mobility, et cetera). Our Experience is that working in such an interdisciplinary setting leads to more creativity and ultimately to social and scientific value.  


JADS Mariënburg: the place for passionate, high-impact and high-relevance academics

We are primarily interested in building a team of scientists who are open to collaboration and share the same interests and needs. As a young institution we are looking for sensible and practical researchers with a can-do mentality who are team players and want to connect to other fields. Off course, from all our researchers we expect a strong background in quantitative and statistical methods and an affinity with data and computer science. We believe in the passion of our researchers and have processes in place to reward and pursue bottom-up ideas of our researchers.


Regarding education, we expect our researchers to be involved in our educational programs. As a rule, we follow the Dutch VSNU norms, which roughly says that our academics spend 50% of their time on education and 50% on research. We are currently responsible for the (technical) Master Data Science and Entrepreneurship, the PDENG Data Science and a PhD-program in Data Science. These are all selective programs for highly motivated students with strong quantitative skills. We also provide various professional learning educational programs around data science & AI and are busy setting up new Master and Minor programs on the cross-roads of beta and gamma. As concepts as MOOC’s and Blended-Learning are becoming ever more relevant in our field, we expect our researchers to contribute and, if possible, to begin novel, innovative forms of education.


JADS Mariënburg currently boasts 40 FTE, including support- and scientific faculty staff, 60 PDEng- and 25 PhD students and is growing very fast. We give experienced researchers the opportunity and expect them to help us shape and build the academic teams in Mariënburg. On top of this we are intensively collaborating with both colleagues from Tilburg University and Eindhoven University of Technology. 


Moreover, we foster a very strong and active, national and international network with both industry and academia, offering a great launching pad for quantitative data science/AI research and educational initiatives.

  • You have affinity with interdisciplinary research and with working with different type of academics and businesses; and,
  • You like to experiment with research results, and apply novel techniques and methods to application domains, including, agro-food, smart manufacturing, and, safety and security.

Additional information

For more information about the position, please contact prof.dr. W.J.A.M. van den Heuvel (


  • Professors, associate professors, assistant professors and lecturers
  • max. 40 hours per week
  • University Graduate
  • 16334



Sint Janssingel 92, 5211 DA, 's-Hertogenbosch

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Application procedure

Candidates are asked to provide a motivation letter and a detailed CV. You can only apply online.
The vacancy will be open until we have found a suitable candidate! If we find you are an interesting candidate we will invite you for an interview to assess whether you match the profile and we can be of value to each other.

Apply for this job

Apply for this job

Apply for this job via the employer's website.

This application process is managed by the employer (Tilburg University). Please contact the employer for questions regarding your application.

Application procedure

Application procedure

Candidates are asked to provide a motivation letter and a detailed CV. You can only apply online.
The vacancy will be open until we have found a suitable candidate! If we find you are an interesting candidate we will invite you for an interview to assess whether you match the profile and we can be of value to each other.

Make sure to apply no later than 1 Sep 2019 23:59 (Europe/Amsterdam).