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When you're looking for career opportunities outside your home country, it brings new challenges and your mind must be full of questions. In addition to an interesting vacancy and a new employer, you probably want to know more about the culture, habits and work environment of this new country. We want to give you all information that you need when thinking about a career in research in the Netherlands.

Research in the netherlands

Working in Dutch research and academia is very attractive. Dutch research and academia are of an exceptionally high standard. All research universities are highly ranked in the international standards and a broad variety of research subjects is being practised. In several disciplines, the Dutch scientific landscape is world-leading, such as the food sector, water management, (industrial) design and engineering.

Specifically, PhD candidates are treated differently compared to other countries; they are not perceived as students but as employees. This status gives them another more visible and responsible role within their university department.  

Factcards: all about a career in academia, research and science in the netherlands

All these aspects make it quite obvious why a career in Dutch research and academia is a good choice. But since there is a lot more to know about the Netherlands and the possible arrangements if you are planning to move here, AcademicTransfer has designed a tool, the FactCards. This tool is put together specially for our international visitors looking for a job in research and academia in the Netherlands.

FactCards provide information about five main subjects; doing research in the Netherlands, coming to the Netherlands, living in the Netherlands, studying in the Netherlands and working in the Netherlands. Start browsing through all cards and information:

If you have any tips or questions about Factcards, please let us know via Els van der Borght; we welcome any suggestions, since this is our first release and the tool is still under construction.


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