CV match

Find the most suitable jobs by uploading your CV. We match your CV with all current vacancies and with vacancies from the past. Expired vacancies can also give you an idea of future jobs on AcademicTransfer.

You can upload an English or Dutch CV in .doc, .docx or .pdf format and it doesn’t matter how your CV is structured.

What do you see?

Matching score: after analyzing your CV, you’ll get an overview of the best matching jobs. The first job fits your CV best. The blue dots indicate the matching score (1 to 6, best score is 6). 

When you click on a job, you'll see a diagram at the right top which shows the matches between your CV and the vacancy. Hover over the blue dots to gain insight in the matching score on work experience, level of education and language proficiency. 

In the future we will also match on personal traits, competences and experience, but these aren't taken into account yet.

The CV matching tool makes your job search easier. The matching score gives you an idea of how well a job suits you. A high matching score does not define how an employer assesses your application and does not guarantee a job interview invitation.


Your CV is only used for this functionality and not stored with us. If you have any doubts about your privacy, you can always anonymize your CV by taking out your personal details. 


This is a beta release: the artificial intelligence behind the CV Match is continuously evolving. Matching on personal traits, competences and experience is still planned. From the 2nd quarter of 2019 onwards, we will ask users for feedback on the results, so we can further improve the CV matching.