Erasmus MC (University Medical Center Rotterdam)

A unique employer

That Erasmus MC offers interesting work is a fact. There are several reasons to choose for a career at Erasmus MC.  At our webpage 'unique employer' you can read how we distinguish us from others.  

Unusual pathologies are all in a day's work
Because of our large coverage area we treat a wide variety of patients and diseases. Specific healthcare needs that are unusual at other medical centers, are all in a day's work at Erasmus MC.

We work with the latest scientific insights that we developed ourselves
Erasmus MC encourages employees to grow and develop so that they can excel. We do so by giving them the scope they need and by expecting them to take personal responsibility for their careers. We strive for freedom of ideas within the frameworks that we have agreed on together.

By innovating, we want to promote the further development of good healthcare
We establish links between medical disciplines and other disciplines such as IT and technology from the alliance Medical Delta. And we also work with other national and international healthcare facilities in the region to improve the quality and effectiveness of healthcare.

Our research for 'Life Sciences & Health' ranks among the international top
This research contributes greatly to the quality of health and brings solutions to social issues and more economic activity and prosperity.

Stimulating work environment: The premier University Medical Center of the future
In 2017, the entire organization will be located at one site: the premier university medical center of the future. In the new buildings we will work with the most modern processes, diagnosis techniques and treatments. We strive for an optimum use of space, lowest energy and less environmental impact.

luchtfoto Erasmus MC sept 2012

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's-Gravendijkwal 230, 3015 CE, Rotterdam

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