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LUMC Fellowship

employee Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC)Promoting excellence in research at LUMC

The LUMC will enable the fellows to establish themselves as independent researchers and innovators of the LUMC research portfolio.

It provides an excellent prospect for furthering an academic research career towards tenureship.

About LUMC research

The LUMC has a tradition of pioneering medical and biomedical research and is among the international top of this field. The LUMC embraces and develops new technologies. At the heart of it’s research strategy lies translational research. The LUMC applies the results of it’s scientific research in the clinical observations an questions back to the laboratory.

More information

If you are interested, please visit our website for more information. The full description can be found on our website through the link: LUMC Fellowship. Or contact Mrs. K.Y. Bergman-Korver, Directorate of Research, e-mail: research@lumc.

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