Radboud University

Attention for diversity

Radboud University strives for a diversified workforce in order to shape education and research from different perspectives. Gaining multiple perspectives on the same issue generally leads to better solutions. Diversity also fosters creativity and innovation. Radboud University strives for all positions at least 25% of the posts are filled by men and at least 25% by women.

To stimulate gender and diversity, Radboud University has introduced the Christine Mohrmann Programme. This programme is named after Professor Christine Mohrmann. She was the first female professor at Radboud University in 1952.

The programme contains three central topics:

  • The recruitment, selection and professional development of staff members
  • Increasing awareness through training
  • Offering facilities focused on work-life balance

International employees also contribute to diversity on campus. We strive to have 25% of all positions filled by international staff in 2020. One way Radboud University works towards this goal is by offering good support and a warm reception for new international employees. This includes offering a global community and global lounge as a meeting place and International Staff Information Desk. We also acknowledge the importance of intercultural communication and are creating a bilingual campus so that international employees feel more at home at Radboud University.