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Hypatia Tenure Track

A great incentive to boost your research career

The Hypatia Tenure Track Grants of the Radboud university medical center aim to promote innovation in academic research by giving young, creative and talented researchers the opportunity to further their own research within the context of our three research institutes. These unique and highly sought after research positions offer a special opportunity to establish an independent research group. By obtaining a Hypatia Tenure Track Grant, candidates will also be offered the possibility to take part in the Hypatia Track, a talent programme for excellent researchers who are ready to develop themselves as leaders within their academic fields. After the term of the fellowship and subject to the candidate fulfilling our Principal Investigator criteria, the candidate will be offered a permanent contract.


We invite excellent researchers with several years of research experience at post-doctoral level to apply for one of these Hypatia Tenure Track Grants.

The Hypatia fellowship covers the awardee’s salary for 4 years, salary and bench fee of PhD candidate(s)/Postdoc(s), materials and overheads. The total award is 1 M Euro for four years (250 k per year). Three awards are available yearly.

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More information

Dagmar Eleveld-Trancikova PhD

+31 (0)6 11 707 830

Teun Bousema

Teun Bousema, Infectious disease and global health:

“The Hypatia Tenure Track Grant provides five years of salary and support for talented researchers who want to set up their own research group."

How to apply

Please apply before 27 September 2020, 23:59 CET. An application form will be provided upon request via Dagmar.Eleveld-Trancikova@Radboudumc.nl.