Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

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20 Jan 10 Feb De Bilt

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Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI), Ministry of Infrastructure and Watermanagement

Job description

Climate change research and innovations in weather forecasting and seismology are increasingly reliant on IT and data. Besides the traditional data and infrastructures such as observation networks, radars and satellites, the use of data from other domains, open data, crowd-sourced data and IoT data are becoming available for use in the meteorological domain.

In collaboration with public and private sector partners, the KNMI Data Technology group is working on research and development in cutting-edge web services and products, using (Big) data management and processing, data analytics, web technology and data visualization techniques. Relevant tags: API, Linux, AWS Cloud, K8S, Docker, Git, DevOps, Agile, Pair programming.

You will work as a software engineer on IT innovations dealing with large and real-time data, providing essential information to core KNMI communities like weather forecasters, researchers, the private sector and the general public. Part of the challenge: usability, performance, scalability, automation and reproducibility of delivered products.

You will be a member of the Data Platform team. Team values are quality over quantity, value over technology, feedback and facts over assumptions, focus over pleasing, self-reliance over dependency and having fun while doing it.

Creativity and craftsmanship are essential. As a team player you contribute to the inspiring working environment.  As a senior you are able to inspire the team and sharing knowledge is a natural habit you perform with pleasure.




Here is what we expect from you:

  • College or university degree in Computer Science or similar.
  • Fluency in Java and/or Python with at least 4 years development experience.
  • Experience in working in a multi-disciplinary DevOps team.
  • Experience in CI/CD and test automation.
  • Proven mentorship to transfer your experience and knowledge to junior/medior developers.
  • Ability to discover, assess and introduce relevant or emerging technologies.
  • Fluent in written and spoken English.

We welcome experience in one or more of the following:

  • Full stack software development experience.
  • API design and API management.
  • AWS cloud development e.g., CloudFormation, ECS, Lambda.
  • Secure software development.
  • Community building.
  • Interest in weather, climate and seismology applications.

Specific training in these areas can and will be done on the job. Passion for software development, craftsmanship and continuously improving yourself are essential for this job.

Conditions of employment

Fixed-term contract: 3 jaar.

In addition to the salary and holiday pay an end-of-year payment can be expected, the so-called 13th month. The national government strongly adheres to personal growth and carreer development and offers several possibilities to facilitate this. The terms of employment include amongst others a maximum 55% paid parental leave  (conditions apply), facilities to study, additional arrangements for leave for elderly and a refund for commuter traffic. The national government offers possibilities for a number of individual choices in shaping the total package of terms of employement.


Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI), Ministry of Infrastructure and Watermanagement

The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) advises on and warns society about reducing risks with atmospheric or seismic origins. KNMI develops high-quality knowledge, carries out observations and translates them into products and services that reduce safety risks, contribute to a sustainable society and promote economic opportunities. KNMI aims to provide reliable information and is an independent authority in the field of weather, climate, air quality, seismology and other geophysical phenomena.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Watermanagement is committed to improving quality of life, access and mobility in a clean, safe and sustainable environment. The Ministry strives to create an efficient network of roads, railways, waterways and airways, effective water management to protect against flooding, and improved air and water quality.


The KNMI R&D Observations and Data Technology (RDWD) department plays a crucial role in research and development of services and technologies used for weather, climate and seismology for both operations and research. RDWD employs sensor specialists, observation data specialists and software developers.

The Data Technology group (RDWD-DT) employs 18 software developers and domain experts working on experiments, cross-domain application architectures and software implementations. We work in Agile teams moving towards DevOps. Maintaining and expanding our knowledge on data technologies and software engineering is essential for innovation.

We work in a Unix/Linux environment and have a strong preference for Open Source and Open Standards. Working atmosphere is important to us: doors are open and opinions matter.

The data-platform team just started building the new KNMI data platform. You will have the opportunity to help shape the future of KNMI’s data APIs.


  • Research, development, innovation
  • Natural sciences; Engineering
  • max. 36 hours per week
  • €3256—€5003 per month
  • University graduate
  • KNMI 2019-48



Utrechtseweg 297, 3732 GK, De Bilt

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