Head of department Aquatic Ecology - NIOO-KNAW - Wageningen

Head of department Aquatic Ecology - NIOO-KNAW - Wageningen

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23 Nov 24 Dec Wageningen

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Job description

NIOO is looking for a head of the department Aquatic Ecology.

Job description:
You will work in a strongly-positioned department, both nationally and internationally, which combines fundamental and more strategic research, with external partners. Your tasks include progressing the department as a frontrunner in aquatic ecology, and combining state-of-the-art experimental systems (chemostats, microcosms, mesocosms) with large experimental field trials and ecosystem modelling.

As the new head, you will manage the Aquatic Ecology department and also have the opportunity to continue your own research line. You will be part of an enthusiastic team that is looking for a leader who connects people in a transparent, inclusive and inspiring way. You will also be member of the NIOO Management team, which requires a broad view on all aspects of NIOO’s activities.

NIOO wants to collaborate closely with ecological research groups at universities and research institutes in the Netherlands and abroad. Preferably, this position will be combined with a professorship at a university.


Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW)


We are looking for an internationally acknowledged scientist (midcareer or established) in the field of aquatic ecology, with good leadership qualities. You have a broad overview of the research that is going on in the field of aquatic ecology and beyond, a clear vision of the future of this field of research, and an extensive network within the academic world and stakeholders in society. You are able to connect people, and you act as a team player with a leadership style that inspires, supports and motivates.

You are well-informed about recent scientific developments, and the newest technology and approaches in research. You have a proven track record when it comes to raising research funds for your own research, as well as for broad theme-based research programmes within NIOO, for which you are willing to make available your national, European and global network.

Conditions of employment

We offer:
A salary depending on work experience, plus 8% holiday pay and a year-end bonus as well as an extensive package of fringe benefits. We offer a permanent position, starting with a one-year contract.

Start date:
Preferably March 2021. 


Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO)

The Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW) is an Academy research institute. It conducts ecological research on land, in the ocean and in fresh water and studies how living organisms interact with one another and their environment. NIOO stimulates biodiversity and sustainability in nature and society through its worldwide network of researchers, policymakers, conservationists and other stakeholders.


Aquatic Ecology

The department of Aquatic Ecology aims to elucidate how ecological mechanisms, eco-evolutionary processes and abiotic factors govern the dynamics and structure of aquatic food webs. The approach includes both curiosity-driven research and science for society, and ranges from studying within-species variation to studying entire ecosystem functioning – particularly in connection with conservation, ecosystem restoration and novel ecosystems creation. Important research areas are:

  • the impact of anthropogenic pressures on aquatic ecosystems;
  • the importance of biodiversity for ecosystem functioning and resilience and
  • the enhancement of ecosystem services.

The department of Aquatic Ecology is composed of 6 senior scientific staff members, 5 research assistants, and a dynamic group of post-docs and PhD students (nioo.knaw.nl/en/department-aquatic-ecology). To study the aquatic environment, the department has access to excellent facilities, ranging from biochemical and molecular laboratories to a broad range of experimental systems, which include a variety of automated chemostats and indoor and outdoor mesocosms.


  • PhD; Management
  • Natural sciences
  • max. 38 hours per week
  • Doctorate
  • AT2020-135 - AqE-20-019


Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW)

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