PhD student to study chromatin organization upon replication stress

PhD student to study chromatin organization upon replication stress

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11 Aug 30 Aug Rotterdam

You cannot apply for this job anymore (deadline was 30 Aug 2022).

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Job description

DNA replication is an essential but a precarious cellular process of central importance both to the development of cancer and its treatment. Failure in the proper replication process generates replication stress that contribute to genome instability, an early event in tumorigenesis. Replication fork stability pathways mediate tolerance to replication stress which if adapted by cancer cells can lead to resistance towards replication stress inducing chemotherapeutic drugs.

Work in the Taneja lab (Chromatin Remodeling & Replication group), is focused on understanding the mechanisms modulating chromatin via chromatin modifiers to mediate stabilization of stressed replication forks in efforts towards the treatment as well as prevention of tumorigenesis. Recent work by us have discovered a novel mechanism of stabilizing "active replication forks" by ensuring chromatin remodeling activity of SWI/SNF remodeler (Lo et al. Science Advances, 2021; Uruci et al. IJMS, 2021). This process is critical for restart of stressed replication forks and to maintain replication-associated genome stability, especially in fork-protection challenged BRCA1-deficient tumor cells for their survival. In the current project, funded by NWO-Vidi grant, the PhD student will further dissect the enigmatic role of chromatin architecture organization mediated by chromatin remodeling activities in tolerating replication stress. The student will employ a multidisciplinary approaches of genetic, biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology combined with NextGen-Sequencing methodologies and involving novel technologies developed in the lab to explore the role of chromatin organization in modulating replication stress.


Erasmus MC (University Medical Center Rotterdam)


  • We seek a highly motivated researcher with an MSc Degree in a Bio-technology / Biomedical Sciences domain or a related field.
  • Experience with research in chromatin related field or DNA replication mechanisms is an advantage. Excellent skills in molecular biology and cell biology are essential.
  • Ideally, expertise in one or more of the following techniques is highly preferable: human cell culture and clinical samples, fluorescence imaging techniques, biochemistry, molecular biology and basic bioinformatics skills.
  • A student is expected to be organized, perform experiments with accuracy, possess excellent communication skills and is able to work both independently and collaboratively as part of a dynamic team.

Conditions of employment

  • You will receive a temporary position for 4 years.
  • The gross monthly salary is € 2.631,- in the 1st year and increases to € 3.336,- in the 4th year (scale OIO).
  • Excellent fringe benefits, such as a 13th month that is already paid out in November and an individual travel expense package.
  • Pension insurance with ABP, we take care of approximately 2/3 of the monthly contribution.
  • Special benefits, such as an incompany physiotherapist and bicycle repairer. There is also a gym where you can work on your fitness after work.


Erasmus MC

A healthy population and excellence in healthcare through research and education. This is what Erasmus MC stands for. Conducting groundbreaking work, pushing boundaries and leading the way. In research, education, and healthcare. We are practical people with a high level of expertise, working hard to improve and renew the healthcare of today and the public health of tomorrow.

The Chromatin Remodeling & Replication group is lead by Asst.Prof. Nitika Taneja at Dept. of Molecular Genetics, who studies the role of chromatin organization and DNA replication in efforts towards the treatment as well as prevention of tumorigenesis. The interdisciplinary team at our department at Erasmus MC brings together world-class facility and expertise to study genetics, cell biology, molecular imaging techniques on cultured as well as clinical samples.


  • PhD
  • Health
  • max. 36 hours per week
  • €2631—€3336 per month
  • University graduate
  • 32.18.22.TBW-P1041333-1


Erasmus MC (University Medical Center Rotterdam)

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