Our top 3 most-read blogs and best-watched webinar of 2019

Els - AcademicTransfer
24 dec ’19

As we are getting to the end of the year and everyone is getting ready for Christmas, it is time to look back at our most-read blogs and best-watched webinar in 2019. Missed one of them? Make sure you read or watch them anyway!

Most-read blogs

Our blogger Eva Lantsoght wrote several blogs about doing a PhD and she shared lots of scientific career tips with you in 2019. What were the most-read blogs? We have listed the top 3 for you:

  1. Avoid these 10 mistakes during your PhD
  2. Defining thesis topics for undergraduate students
  3. Don’t make these nine mistakes when you write a journal paper

Most-watched webinar

For several years we have shared career tips in our blogs. This year we wanted to try something new: live webinars. It was a big success! 

Our first webinar in March 2019 was about doing a PhD in the Netherlands. In our second webinar in June we focussed on application tips: How to write an academic CV and cover letter? But the winner of 2019 was our September’s webinar ‘How to use LinkedIn as an academic’, with 180 participants from all over the world. Haven’t watched it yet? Do it now:

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