Much research is done by governmental institutions to support policy decisions, to advise Ministries and to understand societal behaviour. Researchers, analysts and policy advisors are demanded in several disciplines, like: IT, finance, law, policy, behavioural and social sciences.

You can think of governmental organizations like the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), the Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB), The Netherlands Institute for Social Research (SCP), the National Police, the Central Bureau for Statistics and the Netherlands Court of Audit.

Some of the task you can expect as a researcher at a governmental institution are:

  • Directing interdisciplinary projects
  • Policy advising (often in the context of innovation & transitions)
  • Knowledge integration
  • Connecting science and policy
  • Data analysis

You will find most governmental jobs on and


For a research job in the governmental sector it is important to bring good research skills and expertise on a subject. In addition, the following skills are beneficial:

  • Political sensitivity
  • Persuasiveness
  • Collaboration skills
  • Creativity
  • Project management skills
  • Dutch language skills.

Most of the institutions operate in Dutch. Although English is the second common language in the Netherlands, in the governmental sector Dutch language skills are almost always necessary. For example, to write Dutch policy papers or research publications. Find out more about learning Dutch.