If you want to contribute to the future of the Netherlands, consider a traineeship at the Dutch national government.

The Dutch national government (Rijksoverheid) has various traineeships for recent master graduates. This is a great opportunity if you are socially involved and politically engaged, and want to contribute to Dutch society.

The Rijksoverheid offers seven traineeships:

The traineeships take 1-2 years, in which you get to know different public authorities, in various disciplines and roles. Learning and your personal development have a central part in the programmes.

All traineeships have fixed starting dates and their own selection and application procedure. A psychological test or assessment may be part of it.


  • Dutch language skills: C1. Find out more about learning Dutch.
  • Master’s degree (graduated no longer than 2 years ago, reference date is 1 September)
  • Socially involved (volunteer work, board member activities, or informal care)
  • Politically engaged
  • Communication and collaboration skills
  • Flexible & broad interests
  • Eager to learn

Salary indication