If you like to combine teaching and research activities in your job, then the lecturing researcher position at a University of Applied Sciences might be a good fit.

At a University of Applied Sciences research is embedded in a ‘lectoraat’, a research group where lecturing researchers and external experts work together on concrete research questions from professional practice. The research should be evidence-based and practice-oriented, contributing to both education and practice.

As a lecturing researcher you:

  • teach students and guide them in their professional development
  • develop educational programmes
  • conduct research and apply the results to education
  • set up a learning- and examination environment for students
  • connect with the demands of professional practice
  • contribute to knowledge development and innovation of education and professional practice


  • Didactic knowledge (you can obtain a teaching qualification via the University of Applied Sciences)
  • Craftsmanship, work experience in the profession or vocational domain associated with your area of expertise
  • Subject matter expert in your research field
  • Extensive knowledge of and experience with research
  • Soft skills: collaborating, giving feedback, presenting, negotiating, networking
  • Following trends & developments in your field
  • Being firm, dealing with work pressure, setting priorities and time management
  • Dutch language skills