Dutch Separation Technology Institute (DSTI)

Seperating what really maters.

Seventy percent energy savings, medicines with reduced side effects, compact and waste-free manufacturing processes, high value feed supplements from milk, process water of the required quality, a doubling of the amount of recoverable oil per field, and technologists with R&D and business skills. These are some of the objectives of the Roadmap Separation Technology, defined by more than 300 people of 120 organizations. This roadmap comprises the basis of the DSTI R&D program.

DSTI (Dutch Separation Technology Institute) is a public-private partnership in which industry, universities and knowledge institutes work closely together to develop breakthrough technologies for application in different sectors of the Process Industry. "Together we can take bigger steps, have more impact, and share the risks".

So far, 45 companies from the Food, Pharmaceutical, Oil and Gas, Chemical and Process Water Industries, and 10 knowledge centers, have joined DSTI. The research program covers all aspects from (fundamental) knowledge generation to technology implementation.

The program for the execution of the Roadmap for Separation Technology is around 65 m€ for the next 5 years. DSTI is pleased to announce that the '1st wave' project portfolio with a budget of 30 m€ has been fully filled with partner projects and is running well. Many new partners have contacted DSTI with an explicit interest to join the DSTI program at short notice. A number of them already actively participate in the definition and execution of the so-called '2nd wave' R&D plan with a budget of around 35 m€.


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