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Enza Zaden was established in 1938 by Jacob Mazereeuw under the name of ‘De Enkhuizer Zaadhandel’. His mission then was to sell as many seeds as possible. This soon turned out to be a golden decision, and expansion in both activities and personnel quickly followed. In 1959, Piet Mazereeuw continued the company's mission and added numerous plant breeding programmes to the activities. Ever since, our vegetable varieties are fully tuned to the specific demands of growers worldwide.

Passion and creativity

Creativity and passion have brought many successes, from Bremia resistance in lettuce to the beef tomato introduction in the Netherlands. And of course, our best seller Extase, the first huge market leader on the Dutch tomato market.

Today, Enza Zaden is a worldwide leading breeding company of vegetable varieties. The head office of our still independent company is situated in Enkhuizen. Our breeding programmes include tomato, cucumber, sweet pepper, leafy vegetables. We belong among the international top in supplying the ultimate source for vegetables. 


Tasty and healthy food. We devote ourselves to develop, produce and distribute optimal varieties for this purpose. Products meeting local market demands or that are suitable for the export markets. Thanks to our expertise, our varieties are totally attuned to the great diversity in demands around the world, whether this concerns market demands or geographical and climatic conditions. Our vegetable varieties, performing just as well in poor growing conditions, are highly nutritious. They are a true sensation in both their scent and taste, and they are a treat for the eye when colour and shape are concerned. They are the varieties the market asks for, the grower, consumer and retailer alike.


Haling 1-E, 1602 DB, Enkhuizen

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