Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TU/e)

Over de Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TU/e)

The TU/e aims to be one of Europe’s top technology universities in its selected focal areas, and to be recognized as such worldwide. The most important strategic objectives to achieve that goal are:

  • focusing on strengthening the research and design activities in a limited number of fields
  • reviewing the engineering programs in accordance with the internally accepted bachelor and master’s structure
  • scaling-up the university’s reference framework to a European level

Mission of the TU/e

The TU/e is built on 3 pillars: research, design and entrepreneurship. The focus is on the development of technology and its application in the community at large, driven by scientific curiosity and the need to develop socially relevant new knowledge. Read more about the mission of the TU/e

Facts & figures about the TU/e

The TU/e has 9 scientific departments and provides 12 academic Bachelor programs, 16 Master’s programs, 9 special Master’s programs, 10 postgraduate design programs, 4 first degree teacher-training programs, as well as other postgraduate courses and programs.
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For more information on about research work at the TU/e, and general information about the university, visit the TU/e website.

Research profile of the TU/e: applying technology to industry and social issues

The TU/e focuses on fundamental/strategic technological research, which is relevant for industrial or other applications. This contributes to the strong competitive position of industry and addresses issues in society. TU/e intends to play a leading national and international role in attracting top researchers, Master’s students and research funding in its strategically selected research areas:

  • Polymer Science & Technology
  • Biomedical Engineering Sciences
  • Nano-engineering of Functional Materials and Devices
  • Broadband Telecommunication Technologies
  • Catalysis and Process Engineering
  • Mechanics and Control
  • Science and Engineering of Embedded Systems
  • Logistics and Operations Networks

Related research schools and institutes

The TU/e is the commissioner of ten research schools recognized by the Royal Dutch Academy for Science, as well as two of the six Dutch top research schools and one of the four top technological institutes.

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