Find your supervisor in the Netherlands

Do you have a scholarship or other funding opportunity to do research? And are you looking for a supervisor in the Netherlands? Find your professor with GlobalCampus!

How to find professors in the Netherlands

In GlobalCampus you can find experts worldwide who published or were cited about a research topic. Based on your research proposal you can find out what research has already been done and matches best with your research ideas for the future.

Fill in a part of your research proposal or abstract in GlobalCampus' search field. You will get an overview of researchers who correspond best with your research topic and you can see their publications.

Don’t forget to filter on country ‘the Netherlands’ to get an overview of professors in the Netherlands.

We also have a 5 minute instruction Podcast episode (number 5) Find your supervisor that explains the best way to use this tool.

Tips to reach out to professors

Found some interesting professors in GlobalCampus? Start reaching out to them proactively!

In GlobalCampus you will find a lot of information about the professors, like the university where he/she is working, several works and also links to Google, ResearchGate, Orcid, LinkedIn and Twitter. This makes it a lot easier for you to reach out to them.

How to cold email a professor about research opportunities?

Professors' mailboxes are overloaded, so think carefully about your email. Here are some tips:

  • Be polite: address senior staff by their title and last name.
  • Do your homework: dive into the work of the professor. Find out if the research group and the university fits your ideas and research proposal.
  • Explain why you would like to work for this professor specifically. And show your own passion for the research topic. Why do you want to contribute to this?
  • Always personalise your email: don't write the same email to several professors.

Interesting reads:

Good luck!

About GlobalCampus

GlobalCampus is created by Impacter, in assignment of and in cooperation with AcademicTransfer. The source for the search is Open Alex, an open source database that contains over 210 million mostly academic publications. In this tool we use about 20 million publications between 2018 and now. The matches are based on a semantic search.