Over LifeGlimmer

Over Lifeglimmer

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LifeGlimmer is an international Berlin-based company providing advanced solutions for the full research pipeline in bioinformatics, metabolic modeling, data management and integration in systems & synthetic biology. We offer tailored scientific solutions to solve complex problems in the biosciences. Our solutions facilitate the elucidation of the mechanisms underlying basic cellular processes in different organisms, and help translate this knowledge into applications of biotechnological, medical and environmental interest. In the biomedical domain our key areas of activity include genome-scale modelling and bioinformatics for personalised medicine and biomarker discovery. In synthetic biology we focus on the understanding and design of industrial processes (including those based on microalgae).

We have an iterative approach working closely with clients to facilitate their data analysis at all stages, from experimental design to final delivery of results.

Founder and CEO of LifeGlimmer is Prof. Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Vitor Martins dos Santos. He also holds the Chair for Systems and Synthetic Biology at the Wageningen University, The Netherlands and is the Director of the Wageningen Centre for Systems Biology, which has a focus on Food and Health.

LifeGlimmer provides both the know-how and the services to tackle biological complexity.


Markelstr. 38, 12163, Berlin

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