Radboud university medical center

To have a significant impact on health and healthcare

Make impact together

At Radboud university medical center, you build on your future. We offer our patients the best possible care today. But we also look ahead to the future and see that healthcare can and must become smarter, better, and more sustainable. This is what you and your colleagues are working towards every day. The strength of our academic environment is that healthcare, research, and education are intertwined. We collaborate across departments and disciplines to make a real difference. Whether you provide direct patient care or not, by working together we can generate ideas, conduct research, and innovate – and put the results into practice quickly.

Innovating together, for each other

Together, we develop intelligent applications to support healthcare. We use artificial intelligence to make better and faster diagnoses. We process complex data to help prevent disease. And we continue to develop our training programs to support the lifelong learning of our healthcare professionals. Whatever your role or area of expertise, we work with and for each other to improve healthcare.

You are in charge of your own personal development. Our personnel policy and the associated terms of employment facilitate this for you. View our job openings.

“Radboud university medical center encourages you to look at the global picture. As a hospital, you are not in the spotlight, but you are able to make a difference in the world.”

— Jakko, clinical microbiologist

“Working at a university medical center is a unique experience. We often work together with students and we value on-the-job learning. If you indicate that you would like to dive deeper into your position, the available options are immediately explored.”

— Marc, nurse in Orthopedics

What we offer

At Radboud university medical center, you build on your future. We are committed to providing the best care, education, and research. And we are true to our word, because we help you develop and seize opportunities and give you the room to grow. As an employer, we believe that employees should feel vital and happy at work in all stages of life. We are also committed to creating a healthy and safe working environment. Our employment conditions contribute to that.

  • In addition to your monthly salary and an annual vacation allowance of 8%, you will receive an end-of-year bonus of 8.3%, and a 47% to 72% bonus for working unsocial hours.
  • Your well-being and vitality are our priorities. For instance, you can enjoy a 40% discount on a sports subscription at the Radboud Sports Center, along with access to the Healthy Professionals program designed to assist you in managing your energy.
  • If you are going through a life-changing event, our Company Support Team and a personal coach are there to help you.
  • Support in achieving a good work-life balance at every stage of your life. This includes advice and training courses (from ‘Millennial Dilemmas’ to ‘Your Career After 57’), activities at our own mindfulness center, and informal caregiving consultations.
  • 168 holiday hours per year (23 days) based on a 36-hour working week.
  • 26 weeks of parental leave, nine of which are paid.
  • A good collective pension scheme with a 70% reimbursement of your pension premium.
  • Discounts on health insurance and ten other types of insurance, from home insurance to legal assistance.
  • An allowance for your travel expenses or a working-from-home allowance of €2 per day.
  • As a Radboudumc employee you can drop your children at the Heyendael day care center on campus and enjoy discounts at our restaurant (where we serve healthy and sustainably produced meals).
  • And thanks to our Employment Conditions Selection Model, you can choose the schemes that are right for you.

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