Tilburg University

Curious, Caring, Connected, and Courageous.

About Tilburg University

Established in 1927 as Roomsch Katholieke Handelshoogeschool (Roman Catholic Business School), we have now, nearly a century later, grown into a thriving, medium-sized, multi-disciplinary university oriented towards the humanities and social sciences.

We are alert and responding to challenges posed by a world in a state of flux. We educate our students to become the leaders of the future: engaged academics who are of significance to society and reflect on their role in it. We are a safe and inclusive community where our students and staff recognize and value each other.

As education, research, and our environment connect, knowledge grows and evolves. Four core values inspire us on our journey to our first centennial: Curious, Caring, Connected, and Courageous.

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Weaving Minds & Characters Strategy towards 2027

Understanding Society

At Tilburg University, we seek to study and understand society and in this way we contribute to solving complex societal issues. That is what drives us. And we achieve it through state-of-the-art knowledge in the disciplines of economics, business studies, and entrepreneurship, the social and behavioral sciences, law and public governance, the humanities and digital sciences, and theology.


Education, Research and Collaboration


In studying people and society, we are constantly looking to expand our knowledge and deepen our understanding. We encourage curiosity through our unique educational profile, which is built on three pillars: Knowledge, Skills, and Character.

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We are connected with society, with other disciplines, and with other cultures. We embrace diversity and we learn from other perspectives and disciplines. We encourage our researchers and students to connect at every opportunity. We work together with partners in regional, national, and international ecosystems. With our strongest disciplines joining forces, we will be amplifying our impact. Spearheading the Broad Prosperity initiative, we will in the coming years fully commit to three interdisciplinary research themes: sustainability transition, inequality, and well-being & health.

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Tilburg University cultivates its culture of cooperation and co-creation – locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. Performing our core activities, we seek to connect with other educational institutions, the business community, governments, and civic organizations as well as with our alumni at home and abroad. Drawing in part on our excellent cooperation in MindLabs and JADS, the Jheronimus Academy of Data Sciences, we are intensifying our efforts to work together with public and private partners.

The unknown fascinates us and we are keenly aware of the imperative of collaborating with other disciplines. We are curious and we invest in new opportunities digitization opens up for us to study people and society.

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Facts and figures

How many degrees have we awarded? How many students are doing a Bachelor’s or Master’s at our university? How many degree programs do we offer?

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