The Netherlands Recruitment Day 2022 (virtual event)

Date & time

Saturday October 1st 2022
7:00 AM - 23:00 PM (CEST)

Meeting slots

20-minute interviews

Registration for this event is now closed.

This 2022 event has ended, however:
The Netherlands Recruitment Day 2022 was a great success! Registration for the 2024 edition is open now. Be the first one to know about all our events by 
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Are you a researcher, master, PhD, postdoc, or (assistant/associate) professor? And would you like to proceed with your career in research or higher education in the Netherlands? Join the Netherlands Recruitment Day on October 1st 2022, and get invited for a 20-minute interview with a Dutch professor or recruiter.


To join our recruitment day and be invited for an interview, you will need to have :

  • An up-to-date English CV and a short personal research statement (if you struggle with a short research statement, get inspiration in this video at 11 min 20 sec).
  • A master's degree (or soon obtaining) if you want to start a PhD. If you have a bachelor’s degree you can not participate and can not apply for an interview. 
  • A good level of English, a TOEFL/IELTS certificate (or soon obtained). To communicate with your colleagues you need to have a good level of English. Most Dutch universities require a TOEFL score of 80 and higher or IELTS of 6.5 and higher. All your research can be done in English. It depends on the organisation if you need some Dutch skills too.

Special option for PhD's

Candidates aiming for a PhD position, who can bring their own funding or are willing to apply for it at their national scholarship providers, increase their chances of being selected for an interview significantly. The Dutch university that selected you, can help you fill in the right documents.

The funding must cover 4 full years for your cost of living (about €1300/month). The universities will -in most cases- waive tuition fees in return (you do not have to pay for doing your PhD). Examples of organisations (but not limited to) for obtaining such funding are:

Registration procedure

If you meet all requirements and want to get the chance to have a one-on-one interview with a Dutch professor or recruiter, you can register until September 28st, 2022. After clicking the orange button 'Register as candidate', you are asked to:

  1. Create an account on AcademicTransfer by signing up, or sign in if you already have an account
  2. Complete all the required fields in your account and upload your CV (in English!) It helps when you add a short research statement or even a real proposal (some delegates require this). 
  3. Hit the "complete registration" button to confirm your participation. 
  4. You are all set and ready! The delegates will start reading your account and CV.  If you are selected by a delegate he or she will send you an invitation for a one-on-one interview to be scheduled on October 1st to discuss your possible career step.
  5. Optional: click the heart-shaped icons at the bottom of the delegate's pictures, when you want to draw their attention ;-) It's like showing you are really keen to meet this person! 

Interview invitation

After registration, Dutch professors and recruiters will study your profile and CV and can invite you for an interview during our career fair on October 1st. Each professor has a limited number of timeslots for interviews available. Make sure you apply as soon as possible to have a greater chance. When professors have found the right candidates or run out of timeslots, the closing date could be adjusted to an earlier deadline. If you don't get an interview invitation, it's still worthwhile to visit our career fair and the stands of the participating organisations on October 1st.

>> Please note: to assure a good quality of the interview and correct registration options use the latest version of Firefox or Chrome browser on a laptop or desktop computer. Do not use your smartphone or tablet.

The venue is under construction until October 1st. This is the place where you can visit The Netherlands Recruitment Day and meet the professors and recruiters that have invited you.  You can take a sneak peek already here:

Attending delegates

Alex den Haan

TU Delft | Delft University of Technology

Anne Wildeman

TU Delft | Delft University of Technology