Minor revision - contest winners

Minor revision - contest winners

Lieke de Boer and Jeroen van Baar have eerily similar backgrounds, but only met each other well into their PhDs, at a summer school in California. They became friends there and stayed in touch ever since. 

Lieke de Boer studied liberal arts & sciences at University College Maastricht, after which she obtained an MSc (University College London) and PhD (Karolinska Institutet) in cognitive neuroscience. During her PhD, she investigated the role of dopamine in learning from rewards and punishments. After this, she spent a few months in Osaka as a guest researcher, and did a postdoc in developmental cognitive neuroscience, looking at the development of impulsive behaviour, at the Max Planck Institute in Berlin. As of March 2021, she is working outside of academia.

Jeroen van Baar studied liberal arts & sciences at University College Utrecht, after which he obtained an MSc (Utrecht University) and PhD (Radboud University) in cognitive neuroscience. As a graduate student, he worked on the neural basis of social decision-making (e.g. altruism, fairness, guilt) with Alan Sanfey at the Donders Institute. He then followed up with a postdoc at Brown University with Oriel FeldmanHall, researching how political polarization arises in the brain of liberals and conservatives in the United States.

In January 2021, AcademicTransfer held a blog / vlog / podcast contest. Minor revision is one of the winners of this competition. We selected this podcast because we think the content will be of interest to our website visitors. AcademicTransfer does not sponsor or endorse other activities of the winners.