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Genetic insights shed light on how and where bacteria form brightly coloured colonies without pigments

Iridescent bacteria even found in deep ocean

Some bacteria form colonies that display striking, reflective colours. New genetic insights into the formation of such colours allowed an interdisciplinary, international team of researchers to identify the environments and bacterial groups in which these colours are found. Doing so, the team has made a start in understanding the function of these colours in bacteria. The findings, which were published yesterday in the scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), might have implications for the development of new innovative materials that use bacteria to replace non-sustainable dyes.

The striking, vibrant colours that we know from butterfly wings and peacock feathers are not the result of dyes or pigments. Instead, they are created by tiny, ordered structures that interact with light, creating a vibrant display of hues that is often perceived as iridescence (changes in colours depending on the angle of view or illumination). Such ‘structural colour’ is widespread in nature, and also exist in bacteria.

"The new fundamental insights in structural colour in bacteria might serve as the foundation for the future development of innovative materials." - Colin Ingham, founder of biotech company Hoekmine BV and initiator of the study

Continue reading about this research at the UU Science website.

Image: Colin Ingham, Hoekmine BV.


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Knowledge exchange with PhD students Eliana and Lorenza

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Meet Eliana Chavarria Pino and Lorenza Nachira, two visiting PhD students working on Global Health and Planetary Health. What brings them to the Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management and what are they working on? In a peer-to-peer interview, these two students share their motivation and future aspirations. 

Continue reading.