How to be found by Dutch university recruiters

Els - AcademicTransfer
16 Sep ’21

Did you know that recruiters from universities, university medical centers, research institutions, the business industry, government, and not-for-profits are looking for candidates on our platform?

If you have an account on AcademicTransfer, you can fill in your personal profile. In your profile you can tell a bit more about yourself, your research experience, your educational background and what kind of position you are looking for.

Recently we launched a tool for university recruiters to search for candidates in our database based on these profile fields.

Here are three tips to increase your chances of being found by a recruiter:

1. Complete your profile

If you fill in your profile as complete as possible, your chances of being found by a university recruiter are higher. Recruiters will search especially on your academic fields, your research statement, current and desired position. They are very interested to learn about your research experience. The more information you provide about your background and future goals, the better is their first impression of you.

2. Make your profile available to employers

Your privacy is in good hands with us, so recruiters can only view profiles of candidates who gave consent to be found by employers. If you want to make your profile accessible to recruiters, make sure you click the "Available to employers" box in your profile. You can undo this at any time.

3. Upload your CV and research proposal

Besides filling in your personal profile, you have the option to add several documents to your account on AcademicTransfer, like your CV and research proposal.

Employers can only download these documents if you check the box "Share this document with potential employers".

The additional benefit of uploading your CV is that you can more easily apply. The document will automatically appear with your application.

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