Enhance your networking and presentation skills

Once you have identified your next career step, it is time to explore the opportunities to land the job. Two key elements in this journey are your networking and presentation skills. And this is where our free tool, the Career Buddy, comes in handy. It offers valuable insights and helpful tips about both networking and presentation skills, serving as a checklist for the following tasks:

Networking activities

  • Explore and expand your professional network
  • Plan and host meetings and events

Presentation activities

  • Tailor your CV
  • Write your personal pitch

Set your own goals and actions

When you begin using the Career Buddy, you will start by defining your personal goals. Step by step, the Career Buddy will guide you through these activities and provide tips along the way. These actions require time, commitment, and persistence. However, your efforts will be worth it as improving your networking and presentation skills is essential for your entire career!

Simply select the tasks that interest you most and get started!


What users of the Career Buddy say about using the tool:

'The use of the tool helped me to refine my ideas.'

'Really user-friendly and intuitive.'

Completely free to use

The Career Buddy is completely free to use; all you need to do is create an account on our website or sign in. The tool is provided by ResearchPlanner, you will be redirected to their website.