Searching for exciting vacancies is time-consuming. It can now be more manageable with our CV & Research Match. Upload your document in English or Dutch as .doc, .docx, or .pdf file, and we will match it with all current vacancies and with vacancies from the past. Expired vacancies can also give you an idea of future jobs on AcademicTransfer.

CV Match

Upload your CV and find jobs that match your profile.

Research Match

Upload your research proposal, research statement or a research abstract and we show you the currently available jobs that match your research.

Matching score

You will get an overview of the best matching jobs on AcademicTransfer. The first job fits your research text best. The blue dots indicate the matching score: 1 to 6, best score is 6.

When you click on a job, you'll see a diagram at the right top which shows the matches between your CV or research proposal and the vacancy. Hover over the blue dots to gain insight in the matching score on work experience, level of education and language proficiency.

The matching score gives you an idea of how well a job suits you. A high matching score does not define how an employer assesses your application and does not guarantee a job interview invitation.


How to go further after you matched your CV? Our managing director wrote a blog about how to find your dream job. Read his blog 'The real reason you haven't find your dream job yet'.

Your privacy

If you want to match your CV or proposal regularly with our job offers, then we advise you to save your documents to your account. Another benefit is that you can make your documents available to employers, so recruiters can spot you for new positions.

You can always match your documents without storing it with us. Your documents will only be used for this functionality. If you have any doubts about your privacy, you can anonymize your documents by taking out your personal details.


The artificial intelligence behind the CV/Research Match is continuously evolving. Your feedback is very welcome and helps us to improve the matching technology. Matching on personal traits, competences and experience is still planned.