Your job alert will expire on December 1st 2022

Recently, we changed our e-mail alert settings. We would like to let you know that your job alert will expire on December 1st 2022, unless you take action now. 

How to keep your job alert active

If you create an AcademicTransfer account using the same e-mail address as your job alert, then your alert will stay active. Otherwise, your job alert will be deleted. 

Additional account benefits

Creating an account gives you several more benefits, like:

  • reflecting on your talents and skills with our self-assessment
  • professionalizing your Curriculum Vitae with our Career Buddy
  • being found by Dutch university recruiters

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How to stand out as an international applicant for an academic position

The academic job market is international in nature. Depending on where you did your previous studies or PhD, you may be at an advantage or a disadvantage.

I remember the efforts it took me to explain to the diploma checking office of Georgia Tech that Vrije Universiteit Brussel is not the same as Université Libre de Bruxelles. I experience coming from a small university as a disadvantage later in my career.