Netherlands institute for health services research (NIVEL)

Nivel research

Nivel researchers gather, analyze and synthesize data and information to gain knowledge and insight about the quality and effectiveness of health care delivery and related social services, both in the Netherlands and in Europe. Within our research domains (patients, healthcare professionals and organizations, and healthcare system) there are eleven thematic areas. These theme areas are described in the 2018-2021 research program. This program includes information about our research plans, our motivation and a specific description of our themes, existing knowledge gaps, key questions for the future and the link we make between science, policy and practice.

How do we monitor the quality of our research?

We carefully monitor the scientific quality of our research. We follow current national and international standards and codes of conduct for scientific research. This is how Nivel endorses the Dutch code of conduct on scientific integrity. This code will apply to research conducted by Nivel with effect from 1 December 2018. Research that started before is covered by Nivel’s code of conduct for scientific practice.

We have our own quality system with procedures and work instructions to guarantee the quality of the research process. Nivel has a scientific researchers' meeting in which juniors and seniors discuss the structure of research proposals, reports and other publications in order to improve their quality and to stimulate good research.

ISO certification

Nivel has been certified according to the ISO-9001 standards since 1999. This means that, as an institute, we meet a number of quality requirements with regard to our core processes, the organization, the people in the organization and partners. An external audit is assessed annually.

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