Delft University of Technology

Challenge, change, impact!

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About Delft University of Technology

Top education and research are at the heart of the oldest and largest technical university in the Netherlands. Our 8 faculties offer 16 bachelor's and more than 30 master's programmes. Our more than 25,000 students and 6,000 employees share a fascination for science, design and technology. Our common mission: impact for a better society. Challenge, change, impact!


Our research; Impact for a better society

The energy transition, the climate, digital society, health, mobility and urbanization. Enough challenges for you to contribute to a better society through science, engineering and design. At TU Delft you get to work with fantastic scientific colleagues, many of whom are at the top of their discipline. You often work in multidisciplinary teams with fellow scientists, as well as with companies and governments. You experience intellectual freedom in an open international community.

With other scientists and teachers, you provide the education. Our students are world famous with their successes in competitions such as the World Solar Challenge, Hyperloop and Project March!

The research facilities at our campus are state-of-the-art: quantum research, wind tunnels, clean rooms, biotech, robot labs, fieldlabs, you name it.

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Our campus

Daily, about 27.000 people travel across our campus: students, scientists, visitors, and employees of the university and the companies on campus. Stretching over 161 hectares, the campus is larger than downtown Delft, and one of the largest university campuses in the world.


The campus has been equipped with an extensive bicycle and pedestrian road network. The TU Delft campus has a green, parky character. Large parts of the campus are therefore only accessible on foot, by bike, or public transport. For motorists there is the campus ring road, which circles the entire campus. Clear signage on the campus ring guides you easily to the central parking lots. From there, every destination is reachable on foot.

Click here to take a VR tour around our campus.

Working at Delft University of Technology

Why work at TU Delft? Here are five reasons:

  • Impact for a better society at a top international university
  • Open international community with multidisciplinary teamwork
  • Excellent facilities for research, education and innovation
  • Room for personal growth
  • Good employment conditions

Our researchers work on clever solutions for worldwide challenges, to change the world and make an impact.

Meet our heroes. Discover their stories.



Delft and surroundings

Living in Delft is a bit like being on a permanent holiday, or so our inter- nationals sometimes describe it. It must be the picturesque city center with its many historic buildings, its canals and its beautiful market square that do it. History is never far away in Delft. As nostalgic and charming as Delft’s city center can be, as forward-looking and high-tech are its surrounding districts.

At the heart of everything

You couldn’t be more centrally located than in the City of Delft. It’s situated in the Randstad, the metropolitan and industrial conurbation between Amsterdam, Utrecht and the Hague that houses some 7.5 million people.

Excellent train connections will get you from Delft right into most Dutch city centres, as well as to the outskirts of the country. An hour or two by plane – from nearby Rotterdam/ the Hague or Amsterdam Schiphol airports – will find you in many of Europe’s major cities, like London, Paris or Milan. Nearby Delft are the cities of Rotterdam and Leiden, home to the Erasmus and Leiden Universities and their medical centres. Together we form a strategic alliance where- in we closely cooperate on science and education, including a number of joint study programmes.

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