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High Tech and Human Touch

Flourish, share and shape your world

Create new possibilities for yourself, your colleagues and society as a whole. Using modern technology and science to drive innovation, change and progress. That’s what it means to work at the University of Twente.

The University of Twente brings people and technology together in the best possible ways. Whoever you are and whatever your talents, ambitions and personal interests are, at UT, we aim to appreciate you, challenge you, and encourage you to flourish. Join the ‘High Tech Human Touch’ university and shape new opportunities for our university and our society.

Work to make the world a better place
Make an impact at the University of Twente. From ultra-modern research facilities to MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology, TechMed Centre and the Digital Society Institute. All the resources you need to realise new technical breakthroughs are within reach here.

What you can expect from us
You can, of course, expect an attractive reward for your talent. Not only an excellent salary in line with market rates, but also a secondary benefits package that includes an selective model allowing individual customisation.

Flourish, share, and shape your world

Further develop your talents in every area as support staff or scientific professional. At the University of Twente, that is one of our top priorities. From groundbreaking scientific research to innovative education.

UT as employer

Develop yourself to the full potential at the university of Twente

Strengthen society with sustainable solutions. For us, People-First means that anybody is welcome. We do everything within our power to be as inclusive as possible and to mitigate the divisions in society as far as we are able. But we will only realise our mission to be the ultimate People-First university by genuinely working together. And giving you the freedom to pursue your chosen career path. With pride. As a technical university that places humanity at its core, we see three societal themes that present us with major challenges. These are summed up in the following question:

“How do we make the greatest contribution to a fair, sustainable and digital society between now and 2030?”

We also call this Shaping 2030. How do you contribute to this? Take a look at which vacancy suits you best.

Benefit from our employment conditions

  • an extensive range of internal education and training. From language courses to personal development.
  • scope for sabbatical leave and study leave. Extra freedom to take steps towards further growth at the University of Twente.
  • the option of working in a hybrid way. This might include resources for setting up a healthy home office.
  • (free) sports opportunities on campus. Take a little exercise and then get back to work with a fresh focus.
  • a year-end bonus of 8.3%. An extra reward for all your effort.
  • a selective model. The option of drawing up your own package of secondary employment conditions each year.
  • the option of working part-time. Let’s take a look at the options together.
  • you receive 232 hours of leave each year (for a 38-hour working week). And if you work for us full-time, then you will accrue an extra two hours a week for a 40-hour working week. And that adds up to a further 96 hours extra leave a year!
  • assistance when requesting a visa. That really helps.

World-class researchers

Our strength lies in the cooperation between the various disciplines. The University of Twente research institutes link technology (High-Tech) to human behaviour and social relevance (Human Touch).

Research Institutes

World-class researchers

Work as a researcher at the interface between technology and society. We facilitate this within our world-renowned research institutes. Not only in terms of research in nanotechnology (MESA+ Institute) but also in ICT (Digital Society Institute), and biomedical technology and technical medicine (TechMed Institute). Additionally, we conduct research within administrative sciences, geo-information sciences and earth observation. So, you want to join in?


The MESA+ Institute is a leading research institute in the field of nanotechnology. We focus on key enablers – photonics, fluidics, hard materials, soft materials and devices, combined with responsible research & innovation – and their convergence to deliver disruptive innovations in most societal challenges. READ MORE


Digital Society Institute
The Digital Society Institute (DSI) is one of the three multidisciplinary research institutes of the University of Twente. The Digital Society Institute contributes to responsible digitisation and the seamless alignment of technology to people and their needs. We focus on five themes: Data Science & Artificial Intelligence, Smart Industry, E-health, Robotics and Cybersecurity. READ MORE


Technical Medical Centre
The Technical Medical (TechMed) Centre is a leading innovation hub that impacts the healthcare sector through outstanding research, innovation and education programmes. The TechMed Centre is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure ranging from research laboratories, pre-clinical living labs and simulated hospital environments. READ MORE

Reframe your PhD

PhD Programme

After your master’s, follow a PhD programme at the University of Twente. PhD is a paid job in addition to post-master studies. After four years of in-depth research, you will receive your doctorate and you will be officially awarded the title of doctor (Dr.). The foundation for the rest of your career and recognition in both academia and in business.

Read this interview for the personal experiences of Natália Marinho, PhD candidate at UTwente.

After your PhD

A career outside of science is an option after you have earned your PhD. For example, you can think of policy functions in government and management and consultancy functions in the business world.

Research has shown that 80% of PhD students aspire to a career in science following their PhD. However, only 20% of all PhD students are employed at the university, and another 10% end up in research-related positions outside the university. After their promotion, the remaining 70% will end up in positions in the business community or in government.

Check out the UTwente website for more information and positions.

Our High-Tech – Human Touch mindset merges together on the campus. The technology we realise here impacts people and society. Welcome to the University of Twente.

About UT

Our green bustling campus inspires

Everyone matters at the University of Twente. Innovation, a better atmosphere, performance and equal opportunities at the workplace where everyone matters. That’s what we specifically focus on at the University of Twente. Our goal is to have 25% female academic professors by 2025.

Together, we strive to create an inclusive community. In this way, we promote research, education, valorisation and our working environment. This applies to different aspects, This includes:

  • acceptable and balanced gender representation.
  • contributing to the importance of gender awareness both inside and outside our university.
  • Hypatia chairs for women professors to highlight the importance of gender diversity and inclusion.

How do our professors experience diversity and inclusiveness at UT? READ ABOUT THEIR EXPERIENCES

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