Searching for exciting vacancies is time-consuming. It can now be more manageable with our CV Match. Upload your CV and find out which currently available jobs match your profile.

You can upload an English or Dutch CV in .doc, .docx or .pdf format. You can tailor your CV with our Career Buddy to get maximum results in your CV Match.

Matching score

You will get an overview of the best matching jobs on AcademicTransfer. The first job fits your CV best. The blue dots indicate the matching score (1 to 6, best score is 6).

Your privacy

If you want to match your CV regularly with our job offers, then we advise you to save your CV to your account. Another benefit is that you can make your CV available to employers, so recruiters can spot you for new positions.

You can always match your CV without storing it with us. Your CV will only be used for this functionality. If you have any doubts about your privacy, you can anonymize your CV by taking out your personal details.