An associate professor is one step up from an assistant professor. The overall tasks between an assistant professor and associate professor are very similar with the difference that from an associate professor more initiative and proactivity is expected. You often have more academic freedom and job security as an associate professor, because you are expected to initiate and develop new research projects.

Key activities are: providing education, conducting research and doing administrative duties.

Overview of your tasks:


  • you develop educational programmes
  • you teach students
  • you assess students work
  • you evaluate educational programmes
  • you coordinate the development of educational programmes


  • you acquire research assignments and fundings
  • you develop new research projects
  • you coordinate and conduct scientific research
  • you publish articles about research findings
  • you supervise students and PhD candidates (as co-promotor)
  • you manage equipment and labs (if necessary)


  • you disseminate scientific knowledge
  • you maintain networks
  • you contribute to social discussions
  • you give lectures or interviews in the media
  • you take part in several committees or working groups


  • PhD degree in related field
  • excellent research qualities (publications)
  • experience and affinity with teaching
  • ability to obtain research grants
  • networking and communication skills
  • organisational and coordination skills
  • excellent English language skills

Salary indication