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Why relocate to the Netherlands for your academic career?

Are you thinking of relocating to the Netherlands for your academic career?

Read Florentia Kavoura's personal story, an assistant professor in structural engineering at Delft University of Technology. Florentia is originally from Greece, obtained her PhD in the United States and relocated to the Netherlands three years ago.

What convinced her to relocate and what made it successful? Here are some key points:

  • a long-term stability offered by the Dutch academic landscape

  • a focus on innovation in her field

  • great work-life balance

  • the open-minded and direct Dutch culture

Read the full article at the Welcome to NL website.


Millions for research on impact of sustainability and climate change education

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A large consortium led by Utrecht University has been awarded a 5 million euro Horizon Europe grant. The partners will develop an assessment framework to map the impact of sustainability and climate change education. The number of initiatives in this field has grown enormously, but due to a lack of insight into their quality, there is a great need for impact assessment. The IMP>ACT project has started in January and will run for four years.

Opportunities for education about sustainability and climate are plentiful since the UN's Decade of Education for Sustainable Development. Educational institutions and other organisations have increasingly more options to choose from when it comes to educational methods that seek to raise awareness of climate change and promote sustainable actions. Teachers want only the best for their students, but how do they make the right choice? How do they know if a certain method will indeed build their students’ competence to act, and think differently about climate change

Continue reading about the large European consortium led by Utrecht University.

Photo: Lize Kraan | Summerschool Junior Utrecht University


The Netherlands Recruitment Day 23 March 2024

Attention researchers! Are you looking to advance your career in the Netherlands? Don't miss this unique opportunity to connect with leading Dutch universities and research institutions at the online Netherlands Recruitment Day on March 23, 2024.

This virtual event brings together top professors and recruiters from across the Netherlands who are actively hiring for PhD, postdoc, and faculty positions in all research areas. It's your chance to get noticed and land an interview for your next role.

Registration is required by March 9, 2024 to be considered for an interview slot. Simply create an AcademicTransfer account, complete your profile, and upload your CV. Professors and recruiters will review candidates and invite selected researchers for interviews.

Don't miss this opportunity to connect with leading research organizations in the Netherlands. Mark your calendar for the Netherlands Recruitment Day on March 23, 2024. Register today!


Impact for a better society @Delft University of Technology

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Would you like to work on clever solutions for worldwide challenges, to change the world and make an impact? Join the oldest and largest technical university in the Netherlands: Delft University of Technology (TU Delft).

Our common mission: impact for a better society. Challenge, change, impact!

Find out more about the research facilities, Coming to Delft Service and other reasons to go for a research career at Delft University of Technology.


Brain Awareness Week 11-17 March 2024

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After a successful first time, Erasmus University College is organising another Brain Awareness Week! The Brain Awareness Week is a public education activity during which we organise different activities in the city of Rotterdam. The objective of these activities is to educate children, teenagers, and adults on how the brain works, how to take care of the brain and overall brain health.

Last year’s activities included educational talks on the brain, more than 26 neuroscience experimental activities and mini-lecture, 4 brain-related workshops and two brain dissections. Over 50 speakers participated including (EUC) students, lecturers, and researchers, and we got to enjoy two wonderful musical performances!

Brain Awareness Week 2024

The theme of this year’s Brain Awareness Week is “The Changing Brain”. We have yet again found inspiring speakers that will have sessions on “the normal brain”, the aging brain, different aspects to aging and changing as a result of dementia. Activities will include a brain dissection workshop and a workshop with holograms and VR. The events will take place at inspiring locations throughout the city of Rotterdam among others, Erasmus University College and the Natuurhistorisch Museum.

More information
Brain Awareness Week will take place from the 11th of March until the 17th of March 2024. You can view and sign up for the events via: external.


Publication: Costs of scaring grass-eating barnacle geese often outweigh the benefits

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Current management not the most effective

At the current population sizes, the practice of scaring geese off pastures in the province of Friesland probably ends up costing more than it saves. Utrecht University ecologist Monique de Jager and colleagues from Wageningen University and Research, the University of Amsterdam, and the Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW) conclude this based on a model study, that was conducted as part of the Dutch contribution to European goose management. The results suggest that scaring geese is cost-effective only when there are few geese in the area.

For further reading and publication link, go to this webpage.

Photo: Gerard Muskens


What qualities do you bring to your next job?

Career success begins with knowing yourself. Are you aware of your strengths, weaknesses and preferred working style? When you know yourself, it’s easier to find your dream job. You can shape your own career path if you know what qualities you bring to your next job and which skills you would still like to develop.

Get to know yourself with our self-assessment and discover your strengths.


Workshop 29 Feb Health & Preferences - Perspectives from economics and philosophy on the policy-relevance of health preferences on reimbursement decision-making

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Preferences play a central role in healthcare reimbursement decisions, for example informing cost-effectiveness analysis, priority setting, and medical product development. But are preferences as currently elicited to inform these decisions fit-for-purpose, or ‘policy-relevant’?

Established literatures in philosophy and behavioural economics challenge this assumption. Relevant preferences would, for example, be well-informed, based on correct reasoning, and due to self-regarding or public-regarding reasons (but not necessarily both). All of these conditions have been contested empirically.

This workshop has therefore invited health economists, behavioural economists, and philosophers to make headway on the question: How can we determine whether stated health preferences are policy-relevant, and what should we do if we have good reason to believe they are not?

In this workshop, which includes a keynote by Daniel Hausman (Rutgers University), the question of when health policy should be based on health preferences and which challenges exists in the measurement and interpretation of those preference will be explored in three sessions (see below for details). The workshop aims to develop agenda for future interdisciplinary research on policy-relevant preferences in healthcare reimbursement.

For a detailed programme and sign up, check:


The Netherlands your next career destination?

The Netherlands is an attractive place for researchers. Discover why in our latest podcast episode.

In this episode we are diving into an especially thrilling event for any researcher considering the Netherlands as their next career destination: the Netherlands Recruitment Day.

Learn why the Netherlands is an attractive place for researchers and explore the Dutch research landscape during this virtual event! Mark your calendar: 23rd of March.


Pathways to Sustainability Incubator grants – 2024 application (deadline 15 Feb)

Join us for our next Pathways to Sustainability Kickstarter event. Involvement, connection and community building are key elements of this event. Details of the event: Thursday 18 April 2024 from 14:00 to 17:30, location to be determined.

We invite teams to send in their idea by 15 February 2024. Successfully pre-selected Incubator ideas will take centre stage during this event. The selected Incubator teams will be assisted in targeting participants (UU colleagues and external stakeholders) for the Kickstarter workshop sessions. This event will offer an opportunity for co-creation and to build your project team, as we believe that such an open process is key to transformative learning. More information about the format and programme will follow soon.