An associate lector is responsible for the content of a research line at a university of applied sciences. You are part of a research group, also called ‘lectoraat’, that is strategically led by a lector. An associate lector supports the head lector.

An associate lector and lector have many corresponding responsibilities; the difference lies in more management and strategic tasks for the lector.

Together with your team of researchers you conduct practice-oriented, evidence-based research. You develop new knowledge, you contribute to professional practice, and enhance education.

The responsibilities of an associate lector encompass:

  • initiating and coordinating practice-oriented research
  • acquiring financial resources for research projects
  • conducting innovative research
  • presenting and publishing about research results
  • translating research results into the educational programme and practical applications
  • providing education
  • guiding students/teachers/researchers
  • maintaining your network and ensuring that it continues to grow


  • Preferably a PhD degree
  • Subject matter expert in your research field (with publications)
  • Experience with conducting research
  • Project management skills
  • Leadership potential
  • Networking skills: you have an (inter)national network in your field
  • Thorough knowledge of trends and developments in your field
  • Dutch language skills