A lector leads a research group within a university of applied sciences. Together with your team of researchers you conduct practice-oriented, evidence-based research. You develop new knowledge, you contribute to professional practice and you improve education.

Your research group, also called ‘lectoraat’, works on concrete research questions from professional practice. You get many opportunities to innovate the profession and educational programmes.

The tasks of a lector include:

  • initiating and coordinating practice-oriented research
  • putting together a research group and managing the researchers
  • formulating the organisation's strategic short and long-term objectives
  • raising grants
  • acquiring research assignments from partners and clients in the field
  • maintaining your network and ensuring that it continues to grow
  • presenting and publishing about research results
  • translating research results into the educational programme and practical applications
  • teaching and guiding teachers


  • A PhD degree
  • Subject matter expert in your research field (with publications)
  • Affinity with practice-based research
  • Craftsmanship, work experience in the profession or vocational domain associated with your area of expertise
  • Leadership skills
  • Networking skills: you have an extensive (inter)national network in your field
  • Thorough knowledge of trends and developments in your field
  • Dutch language skills