Application process on AcademicTransfer

Two types of online application

There are two ways of applying on our website:

  1. You fill in an application form on AcademicTransfer. This form is managed by us.
  2. We redirect you to the application form on the employer's website. 

The information on this page concerns the first option.

What happens when applying for a job?

After filling in our form and uploading your documents, we will send your application via e-mail to the employer. At the same time you will receive an e-mail acknowledgement from us, in which we provide you with the employers e-mail address.

Help, something goes wrong!

First of all: do not panic...

Easier said than done if you are running towards a deadline but if you encounter an error while applying, we have a notion what the cause might be. Please pay attention to the following when you apply for a job on AcademicTransfer:

  • Minimize the file size of your documents
    One of the most prevailing causes of errors while applying is the total file size of your attachments.  AcademicTransfer uses a 20 MB maximum for all attached documents, however some employers have a lower treshold (which we unfortunately do not know). This can be the reason that the employer does not receive your application.

    Solution: minimize the size of your files (compress). If necessary, make some of the files available online and include links pointing to those documents in one of your application attachments.
  • Temporary error
    In rare cases our website is temporarily unavailable, which can cause the error while applying. Check if other pages on our website work, wait a while and try again later.
  • Contact our webmaster
    If after waiting and trying again the same error occurs, report the issue to our webmaster. Shortly describe when the problem occured and which technical error you got, including the error code. 
  • Contact the employer directly
    Did above solutions not help or is waiting until tomorrow not an option due to the application deadline? Contact the employer directly. Often you can find an employer's e-mail address or phone number in the vacancy text in the paragraph 'additional information'. Send your application and documents to them directly, explaining you couldn’t send in your application via AcademicTransfer because of technical issues.