‘Learning for Urban Sustainability Transformations’ Workshop (10 September)

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A wide range of urban stakeholders are collaborating on experiments, living labs, testbeds, innovation districts, and projects to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. These activities are intended to produce new insights on how we can reinvent cities to be environmentally resilient, economically prosperous, and socially vibrant places. However, it is not clear how we can learn effectively from these activities and how they can be used to catalyse broader societal transformations. 

Please join us on 10 September at The Hague Conference Centre New Babylon for an engaging discussion with practitioners and researchers about the opportunities and challenges of learning in urban sustainability transformations. The event will provide an opportunity to reflect on how we are developing and supporting learning practices in our current work and how these practices can be improved to realise deep and long-term impacts. The event will include a brief introduction, keynote talks, and a roundtable discussion, followed by a networking reception with food and drinks.

For schedule and registration, go to this EUR-webpage.


Call for the EUR / Erasmus MC Open and Responsible Science Awards 2024

Are you involved in Open and Responsible Science projects? And do you want your project to be in the spotlight by entering a competition? Then read on, this page contains information about the EUR / Erasmus MC Open and Responsible Science Awards 2024.


The Open and Responsible Science program (ORS) wishes to recognize projects that include open, transparent, inclusive, and responsible scholarship practices. Fall 2024, ORS will award separate prizes to celebrate commitment to three important pillars of open science:

  • Open Research

  • Open Education

  • Societal Engagement

The winners in each category will receive €2500 to be invested in research and educational materials.

For further reading about eligibility criteria, submission procedure, examples of Open Scholarship practices and evaluation procedure, go to this EUR-webpage.


Scientist Roy Huijsmans delivers meals by bike for his research

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Poor working conditions, little income and no rights. We often hear these negative aspects about platform labour, such as meal delivery. But platform labour also has benefits, especially for migrants, though we hear very little about them. Researcher Roy Huijsmans delved into it.

Scientist Roy Huijsmans noticed something in 2017. Some of his students delivered meals alongside their studies: 'That students work alongside their studies is, of course, not strange. But at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), most students are from outside the EU. Cycling must already be quite a challenge for them. Let alone maneuvering through a city you don't know very well, with a smartphone and a bike. That drew me into this research: what is the relationship between migration and platform work?'

Roy Huijsmans is an ethnographer. That means he doesn't do research from behind his computer. He goes out and about. So in 2019, Roy started to deliver meals for Deliveroo. He did so from 2019 until Deliveroo stopped delivering in the Netherlands back in 2022.

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Photo: Carl Campbell (Unsplash)


PhD candidate about the role of law in food transitions

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'I believe as individuals, we do have enough power to impact change'

Daniela Garcia-Caro is committed to making our food systems more just and sustainable. In her PhD, she studies the role of law in food system transitions. She’s also part of a cooperative that tries to make organic vegetables and other food stuffs more accessible. In the past she has been involved in EdibleEUR, the campus garden, where she has given workshops to inspire participants to change their relationship with food and the broader environment. She is currently engaged with Bee the Change, EUR’s campus bees, as she embarks on a beekeeping journey.

'Our food systems are the most important avenue through which we interact with our environment. That’s why I believe we need to be interested and involved in the way we grow our food. In my volunteering at the campus garden, we encourage students and staff to grow and harvest different things. I have also given workshops there, where I share insights about my research and ideas for how to engage in local food systems change.'

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Photo: Jonathan van Rijn


Join the ‘Just Fashion Transition’ seminar

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What you wear matters. How it’s made matters even more. Join us for a transformative event where fashion, sustainability, research, and creativity converge. Discover how you can be part of shaping the future of fashion at the Just Fashion Transition seminar, Tuesday 4 Jun, 9:30 - 17:00.

Are you curious about the true impact of your clothing choices? Dive into discussions led by experts who are pioneering change in the fashion industry. Gain insights into pressing issues such as transparency, ethical production, and sustainable practices. 

Have a look at the full program, speakers and registration form.

Photo: Vivienne Westwood


Impact Day Energy Transition

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On Thursday, 23 May, Erasmus School of Economics invites you to join the Impact Day Energy Transition, an afternoon dedicated to the role of economists in addressing the complex issues surrounding the energy transition. 

Expect an engaging afternoon featuring speakers from academia, industry, and the public sector. 

Topics will range from energy pricing dynamics and consumer behaviour to energy network accessibility and to addressing energy disparities.

Check the programme, speakers and register here.


Erasmus Sustainability Days 2024

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Join the Erasmus Sustainability Days (ESD), a dynamic week-long event hosted by the Erasmus Sustainability Hub, designed to educate, inspire, and connect individuals interested in sustainability. Scheduled to take place from May 13th to 17th, 2024, ESD offers a diverse range of activities aimed at fostering knowledge exchange, skill development, and networking opportunities. With a total of 27 events spread across the five days, there's something for everyone to engage with and learn from.

Everyone with an interested in sustainability can join!

Have a look at the full program.


EU Week: Geopolitics and Business in the EU

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Join us on April 25th for a dynamic day dedicated to exploring the theme of 'Geopolitics and Business in the EU'. This event, a collaborative effort by esteemed European business schools, promises an immersive journey into the vital role of the European Union in shaping our collective future.

Visit this website for the program and registration.


What do we want (or not want) from publishers? Looking beyond the current Dutch contract with Elsevier

UNL, NFU and NWO are delighted to announce a one-day conference entitled “What do we want (or not want) from publishers? Looking beyond the current Dutch contract with Elsevier” that will take place on Thursday, April 18 2024 in the Domstad Conference Centre, in Utrecht.

The context of the conference is the current Dutch contract with Elsevier, but the theme will be broader. The event will explore the successes and challenges of ‘read and publish’ deals; cooperation with publishers in the field of research information; and how concepts such as ‘digital sovereignty’ play out in relationships with commercial publishers. It is conceived as an open forum to discuss what the academic sector wants from the publishing sector in safeguarding academic values in a just, equitable and open scholarly communication landscape.

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Compliments boost productivity

Recently, Robert Dur, Professor of Economics of Incentives at Erasmus School of Economics, was interviewed by RTL Nieuws about receiving compliments in the workplace. What turns out? Receiving compliments engenders higher productivity among employees.

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