Scientist Roy Huijsmans delivers meals by bike for his research

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Poor working conditions, little income and no rights. We often hear these negative aspects about platform labour, such as meal delivery. But platform labour also has benefits, especially for migrants, though we hear very little about them. Researcher Roy Huijsmans delved into it.

Scientist Roy Huijsmans noticed something in 2017. Some of his students delivered meals alongside their studies: 'That students work alongside their studies is, of course, not strange. But at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), most students are from outside the EU. Cycling must already be quite a challenge for them. Let alone maneuvering through a city you don't know very well, with a smartphone and a bike. That drew me into this research: what is the relationship between migration and platform work?'

Roy Huijsmans is an ethnographer. That means he doesn't do research from behind his computer. He goes out and about. So in 2019, Roy started to deliver meals for Deliveroo. He did so from 2019 until Deliveroo stopped delivering in the Netherlands back in 2022.

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Photo: Carl Campbell (Unsplash)


Working at the KNAW

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Would you like to work at the very heart of science? Become part of KNAW's research community.

Over 1,500 colleagues work at ten research institutes and two institutes that offer a research infrastructure. The Academy’s research institutes are active in the humanities, social sciences and life sciences. Take a look at our vacancies in Amsterdam, The Hague, Leiden, Utrecht and Wageningen!

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Gravitation award for FLOW: "We will be able to steer the fates of proteins"

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The Dutch government is investing 23 million euros in a major research project led by Utrecht University. The consortium of researchers involved in FLOW will, for the first time, comprehensively chart the supervision of specific proteins within the cell, from cradle to grave. Ultimately, leveraging this understanding, they aim to exert control over the fate of these proteins. Such insights could pave the way for novel therapeutic approaches targeting diseases like Parkinson's and cystic fibrosis.

The principal investigators are Ineke Braakman (Utrecht University), Mireille Claessens (Twente University), Friedrich Förster (Utrecht University), Mark Hipp (UMC Groningen), Stefan Rüdiger (Utrecht University) and Alfred Vertegaal (Leiden UMC).

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PhD candidate about the role of law in food transitions

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'I believe as individuals, we do have enough power to impact change'

Daniela Garcia-Caro is committed to making our food systems more just and sustainable. In her PhD, she studies the role of law in food system transitions. She’s also part of a cooperative that tries to make organic vegetables and other food stuffs more accessible. In the past she has been involved in EdibleEUR, the campus garden, where she has given workshops to inspire participants to change their relationship with food and the broader environment. She is currently engaged with Bee the Change, EUR’s campus bees, as she embarks on a beekeeping journey.

'Our food systems are the most important avenue through which we interact with our environment. That’s why I believe we need to be interested and involved in the way we grow our food. In my volunteering at the campus garden, we encourage students and staff to grow and harvest different things. I have also given workshops there, where I share insights about my research and ideas for how to engage in local food systems change.'

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Working at Tilburg University

Understanding society, that is what drives Tilburg University.

The university stands out for its knowledge in the disciplines economics, business studies, and entrepreneurship, the social and behavioral sciences, law and public governance, the humanities and digital sciences, and theology.

Curious to know what it is like to work at Tilburg University? Watch these testimonials from researchers.


Bus driver and Assistant Professor: a unique double position

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Stories from the Lab: the AI & Mobility Lab

Marcel van Kooten Niekerk works at the AI & Mobility Lab AI Labs (Utrecht University) on possible applications for artificial intelligence in public transport, but besides that he still loves sitting in the driver's seat of the public bus.

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Join the ‘Just Fashion Transition’ seminar

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What you wear matters. How it’s made matters even more. Join us for a transformative event where fashion, sustainability, research, and creativity converge. Discover how you can be part of shaping the future of fashion at the Just Fashion Transition seminar, Tuesday 4 Jun, 9:30 - 17:00.

Are you curious about the true impact of your clothing choices? Dive into discussions led by experts who are pioneering change in the fashion industry. Gain insights into pressing issues such as transparency, ethical production, and sustainable practices. 

Have a look at the full program, speakers and registration form.

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NWO grants for AI research on privacy-preserving cancer studies and virtual harassment

Two projects by Utrecht University researchers are receiving a grant from the National Growth Fund program AINed. This funding will propel promising, innovative, and bold initiatives in the field of artificial intelligence, addressing pressing needs in healthcare and virtual reality.

Julian Frommel, Assistant Professor in the Interaction/Multimedia group of the Faculty of Science, will conduct research on harassment in virtual reality environments. His colleague Wilson dos Santos Silva, newly appointed at the same faculty, will focus on improving AI models that can learn from patient data from different hospitals without breaching privacy.

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New PhD coaching podcast episode: writing

Writing is a crucial part of everyone’s PhD journey. Yet, for most of us it does not come easy and can be a source of frustration. In this episode, PhD student Willemijn Helmich talks to academic writing coach Jeanine de Bruin about the challenge of writing a dissertation next to a full-time job, how to integrate writing into a busy working schedule and how to make it a more meaningful and fun activity.

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Pre-announcement: new Perspectief funding round to open this summer

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The new Perspectief round is opening this summer. Researchers, companies and civil society organisations that want to work in a consortium on technological innovation with societal and economic impact can once again submit their proposals.

Perspectief offers researchers an opportunity to initiate a major research project focused on the application of the knowledge gained and establish or further develop an interdisciplinary consortium.

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