Human Resources Strategy for Researchers

In 2005, the European Commission adopted a European Charter for Researchers and a Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. These two documents, addressed to researchers as well as research employers and funders in both the public and private sectors, are key elements in the EU’s policy to boost researchers’ careers.
Research careers in Europe are fragmented at local, regional, national or sectoral level, not allowing Europe to make the most of its scientific potential. The Charter and Code ensures researchers can enjoy the same rights and obligations in any European country.
The ‘HR Strategy for Researchers’ supports research institutions and funding organizations in the implementation of the Charter & Code in their policies and practices. The implementation of the Charter & Code principles by research institutions render them more attractive to researchers looking for a new employer or for a host for their research project.

The HRS4R consists of three phases: the initial phase, implementation phase and award renewal phase. Read more about the HRS4R procedure.

These AcademicTransfer member organizations have acquired the 'HR Excellence in Research' award/logo:

Academic Medical Center
Delft University of Technology
Erasmus MC
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Leiden University
Maastricht University
Radboud University Nijmegen
Tilburg University
University of Amsterdam
University of Groningen
University Medical Centre Groningen
Utrecht University

All the other Research Intensive Universities are working hard on obtaining it, so this page will continue to be updated.