Utrecht University

Working at Utrecht University

Bright Minds, Better Future

At Utrecht University, we work together towards a better future for all us. With our more than 6,000 members of staff, we provide socially relevant research and high-quality education. The university is an actively involved and committed part of our society, with the added value of an open mind about societal issues.  We cooperate with other (international) universities, trade and industry, the authorities, the cultural sector and societal organisations. (Working at Utrecht University means working at the best university in the Netherlands)

Appreciation of talent and leadership at all levels

Utrecht University strives to distinguish and keep improving itself by obtaining the above-mentioned objectives. This requires the optimum use and appreciation of the talent of all members of staff to achieve a high quality in and of the organisation. As employer, we do all we can to make our staff perform to the best of their abilities, by nurturing the development of their talent, including that of our top talent.

At Utrecht University we strive to:

  • provide an unambiguous, challenging and sound work environment for all our staff;
  • a work environment which boasts an open and transparent culture that puts quality before quantity;
  • encourage the personal and professional development of all our members of staff, scientific as well as support and administrative staff, and to provide a perspective that fits the developments within and outside of our organisation.

The role of supervisors at all levels is crucial to combine the objectives of the organisation and the qualities of the members of staff.

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