University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG)

About University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG)

The University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG), located in the centre of Groningen, is one of the Netherlands’ eight university medical centres. As well as being a ‘normal’ hospital, we are also an innovative organisation.  Our strength lies in the fact that patient care, research and teaching are closely interwoven. This close relationship, together with our employees’ efficient cooperative practices, forms the best basis for further improving care for all patients. 

Every day around a thousand patients check in, a great number of these visit an outpatients’ clinic and around 10,000 employees work together in small teams providing care, research and teaching. The UMCG is the largest employer in the northern part of the Netherlands.

UMCG’s mission, ‘Bouwen aan de toekomst van gezondheid’ (‘Building the future of health’), has a three-part interpretation:

  • Pioneers in research. Scientific research makes a significant contribution towards new knowledge of health, preventive care, illness and treatment.  Such as “Healthy Ageing”; a large-scale study into “getting older from birth”.
  • Testing new knowledge in practice and sharing this in many ways. 
  • Caring for individuals across the whole spectrum: from preventive care via basic care to comprehensive care; physical and psychological; throughout a lifetime.

UMCG as an employer

Short introductory film on YouTube showing the UMCG as an employer

Room for growth

We offer our employees plenty of scope for further development. Employees are supported in achieving this by the Wenckebach Instituut of the UMCG where they can find further training and refresher courses as well as other training courses of all kinds which use the most modern educational tools such as e-learning and simulation techniques.
The terms of employment are also such that they guarantee a healthy balance between work and private life. And we offer high value facilities like the staff shop, loan bikes, a fitness centre and a very active staff association.

The many aspects of the UMCG

In the UMCG everything revolves around people: patients, researchers, students and certainly employees. Every employee counts, employees make up the organisation. That’s why the UMCG wants to find the right people and ensure that they feel comfortable at work. From professors and researchers to nurses and analysts, from cleaners and ICT staff to pharmacists’ assistants and surgeons. The diversity in jobs is enormous. Employees from widely varying backgrounds are needed for jobs involving patient care, teaching, research and the support functions.

Dynamic work combined with pleasant living conditions

University Medical Centre Groningen: combining dynamic work with pleasant living conditions

The university town of Groningen has all the amenities and charm of a large city, while the surrounding countryside offers, by Dutch standards, unprecedented peace and space. The misery of congestion and sky-high house prices are known here only from stories told by family living elsewhere in the country. 

In certain situations, the UMCG can help new employees to find accommodation. Partners who are also relocating are offered help to find suitable work.

Employees about working at the UMCG

“The UMCG looks after its employees really well. More than ten thousand people work there but you don’t get the feeling that you’re swallowed up in the crowd. You’re treated as an individual.“

“A variable working environment where you’re close to the patients.”

“The UMCG is a large organisation which offers many opportunities for further development and a good combination of work and private life.”


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