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Doing research in the Netherlands

Are you a Master, PhD candidate, postdoc, researcher or (assistant/associate) professor? And are you exploring your next career step?

The Netherlands is a great choice for your research career. Why should you consider the Netherlands?

  • Excellent research: all Dutch universities are among the top 2% of universities worldwide
  • World's best innovative top sectors: agri & food, water, logistics, high tech, energy, horticulture, IT, chemistry, life sciences and creative industries
  • No tuition fees for PhD programs
  • Broad variety of research subjects
  • Highest rate of English among non-native speakers
  • Great place to live, centrally located in Europe, and great work-life balance

Where to find research positions in the Netherlands?

AcademicTransfer is the Netherlands' top career platform for academics, researchers and scientists. If you are looking for a research position in the Netherlands, this is the right place! You'll find research jobs - from starter to senior - in higher education, university medical centers, research institutes, governmental institutions and the industry.

For more than 25 years AcademicTransfer represents the 14 Dutch research universities, 6 university medical centers and top institutes NWO and KNAW.

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Get to know the Netherlands

When you consider moving to the Netherlands for your career, you would like to get to know our country and habits. Visit FactCards, our guide for international academics.

Factcards consists of cards with facts about the Netherlands. The cards are grouped in five themes: arriving, studying, living, working and doing research in the Netherlands. These main subjects are divided in sub themes like visa, work permits, the Dutch and research universities

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