About LinXis

LinXis BV ( focuses on the development and marketing of  antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) based on its proprietary linker technology Lx. Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) are capable of selective disease targeting and are used in ADCs as targeting moieties for the targeted delivery of drugs (therapeutics) or imageable tracers (radio-or fluorescent diagnostics) to the site of disease. For its drug development program the company cooperates with several departments of the VUmc and has bench space for its R&D team within the group of Profs Guus van Dongen and Bert Windhorst of the Department of Radiology & Nuclear Medicine within the premises of the Tracer Center Amsterdam VUmc, where a team of molecular biologists and organic chemists is working on comparable topics. Recently, LinXis completed a 2nd round share emission, got approval for a government loan and obtained several grants, all contributing to the financial sustainability of the company during forthcoming years. 


Schellingwouderdijk 125, 1023 NB, Amsterdam

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